"The UPT Might Be Tainted, Let Me Try" - My Husband Said This!

"The UPT Might Be Tainted, Let Me Try" - My Husband Said This!

We didn't expect to have a second baby so when our UPT test comes out positive, my husband decided to give it a try himself to double confirm the result!

My pregnancy journey is a little bit funny. We weren't expecting another child when we found out that I was pregnant with another baby. 

pregnancy test

We think one child is just ENOUGH for now.

But I Keep on Dreaming of Being Pregnant

I kept on dreaming about touching and holding a baby in my arm. I kept dreaming of being pregnant, and it felt real every time I wake up in the middle of the night.

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pregnancy test

So I asked my husband to get me some pregnancy test, and he did. He was not familiar with it as all these while, I usually buy some cheap UPT.

It was during Movement Control Order (MCO) at that time, so I had to ask my husband to buy it for me since all of us have to stay home for lockdown. He purchased two (2) Clearblue pregnancy tests for me and asked me to try them.

Everything Changed

pregnancy test

The result came in just like this picture.

We were stunned. I remembered my husband said he thought the UPT had some problem or maybe broken.

And guess what, he decided to test his urine with another Clearblue pregnancy test he bought, and of course the result came in and showed that he was not pregnant ??.

"Emmmm... Betullah UPT ni tak rosak (So the UPT is not broken)," he said at that time.

I looked at him and laughed over his action. And we celebrated the news with our parent through video call that night. ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #vipparents #TAPWriter

Written by: Atirah Hasli

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Atirah Hasli

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