#tApReviews: Pumpables SuperGenie Review

#tApReviews: Pumpables SuperGenie Review

Thinking of getting a hospital-grade pump? This Pumpables Supergenie review will help you make up your mind.

Recently, I did a Pumpables Milk Genie Plus review. In terms of portable breast pumps, it is one of the best ones in the market without a doubt. So I decided to also get around to the Pumpables SuperGenie review, though this is not a comparison review since both pumps are of different categories.

The Pumpables SuperGenie breast pump is a hospital-grade pump and as far as pumping goes, every mummy needs a hospital-grade pump in her breastfeeding journey. The reason for this is because hospital-grade pumps have stronger suction power, which is crucial in clearing the breasts and maintaining yield.

A good hospital-grade pump can save you from a lot of pain from mastitis, which can happen if you don't clear your breasts properly during each pump. 

So let's get to it!

Pumpables SuperGenie Review

Price RM999

Suction Power

Up to 330mmHg
Weight 1120grams
Category Hospital-grade



What we love about it:

pumpables supergenie review

1. The all-new liquid shield kit

Unlike any other breast pump in the market, the Pumpables SuperGenie is the first pump to come with a breast shield that actually almost mimics a baby sucking on your breast. The way the shield is designed, the suction doesn't simply pull on your nipple to drag out the milk, but it almost gently massages and presses down on the nipple with each drag. If you look closely, inside the big plastic flange, there is a smaller silicone insert. This is what gently massages and "latches" onto your nipple.

Out of all the pumps I have tried as an EP mum, this definitely mimics the latch as closely as possible (I did get baby to latch occasionally in the beginning). It is also incredibly gentle and doesn't hurt your nipples due to how gentle the suction is.

2. It is a smart pump

pumpables supergenie review

We've got smartphones, smart homes and smart everything nowadays - so why not a smart breast pump too? This revolutionary breast pump comes with Bluetooth so you can connect the pump to an app and control the pump from your phone. 

Not only that, you can save your pump settings and select the programme you want to use for your next pump via the app. For new mummies, preset programmes are also available for you to try out so you don't feel too lost. 

3. The design makes it easy to store

pumpables supergenie review

Unlike other hospital-grade pumps that might be very large, this one is quite compact considering how powerful it is. It comes with a handle that you can choose to lift or tuck away depending on your preference. A nightlight is attached to the handle for your convenience for middle-of-the-night pump sessions. Other pumps, like the Spectra S1 (pictured above on the right), are awkwardly shaped and might be hard to store away.

4. It comes with many sizes for the breast shield

If it's one thing Pumpables really understands, it is that every mummy is build different (especially when it comes to breasts!). Women have a pretty wide range of nipple sizes. Pumpables addresses this issue by offering breast shield sizes from 15mm all the way up to 30mm.

However, when purchasing you can only select 21mm, 25mm or 29mm. You can buy the other sizes by ordering them separately. 

5. It clears the breast effectively and may even increase your yield

pumpables supergenie review

Disclaimer: This may not actually work for all mums, but it is worth a shot. As a hospital-grade pump, the primary function is to clear your breasts. However, for lower supply mums, it is always good to have a breast pump that can also help to increase your yield. 

Many mummies have testified to an increased yield due to this breast pump. As an oversupply mum myself, I reached a maximum yield of 450ml or 15oz for both breasts after a month of using the pump. This is the yield that I got from a single pumping session on one side (while collecting milk in a Haakaa on the other side). 

The other side of things:

1. The pump takes some getting used to. 

You will need to navigate around the settings to get the hang of using this pump. It is not as straightforward as just turning on the machine and adjusting the suction speed. Since it's a highly customisable pump, you will need to spend time creating a setting profile that is best suited for your pumping style.

2. It is quite heavy. 

At 1.2kg, this might not sound like much. And indeed, it is one of the lightest and most compact hospital-grade pumps available in the market. It is just something you will have to be prepared to live with - especially if you will be moving this around a lot. However, since I only use it at home, it stays put in one spot and weight is not an issue for me. 

3. There are a lot more parts to wash. 

Ahh, one of the most annoying parts of pumping is definitely the washing. You have to wash pump parts, bottles, pacifiers (if you use them), your baby's toys, clothes, linens and the list goes on. So having extra parts to wash might be a little tedious for busy mummies, but since these parts (like the silicone insert mentioned earlier) clearly contribute to the effectiveness of the pump, I'd say it is worth it. 

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