8 Reasons You'll Love The Kid-Friendly Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa!

8 Reasons You'll Love The Kid-Friendly Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa!

Got nothing planned for the school holidays yet? Read this mum’s resort review and find out Westin Langkawi’s latest promotions this season.

What does a mum (or dad) have to do to get a real break? I mean a truly care-free getaway, that is stress-free and hassle-free. Reality is such that any trip, especially with an infant is going to be unavoidably hectic, and must be meticulously planned.

Just packing alone arouses a hint of dread. What if I told you that packing light is possible? That those days are not forever over…not just yet. I’ll tell you all the reasons Westin Langkawi made this new mummy truly relaxed — for the first time in 7 months!

1. Yes! You can pack light!

When I had my first beach vacation (at a non-Westin property) with the baby, I had to haul almost half my house. Toys, infant float, clothes, bottles of puree, breast pump, sterilizer and more. Still, I was fretting that I had left something behind.

This was in stark contrast to Westin Langkawi; we mentioned that we were coming with a 7-month-old, and they knew exactly what we needed.

The friendly staff had prepared a sterilizer for my bottles, toys, a baby bathtub, baby wipes, powder, mosquito repellent, baby shampoo and bath gel, two age-appropriate floats for my bub, and a play tent filled with colorful balls.

But what impressed me most were the flash cards laying right beside the ‘Frozen’ DVD. Talk about being thoughtful! Just leave all the bulky items at home.

As if that wasn’t enough, imagine my surprise when they offered workout shoes in my size for Zumba on the beach! Apparently, the Westin Gear Lending program allows you to loan workout clothes and shoes, in your size, for a minimal fee.

westin langkawi reviews

Family fun at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa

2. Celestial slumber

Aaaahhhhhh! Sleep is more precious than diamonds when you’re new to motherhood — all parents can relate. Westin calls their bedding “The Heavenly® Bed” for a reason. I was lulled into deep sleep in less than a minute, with my little bub snuggled beside me, in 10 layers of pure plush comfort.

Oh, did I mention that my baby slept through the night? The seabreeze throughout the day had a soporific effect on the whole family. Needless to say, a full night of restorative slumber did wonders for my mind and body. It was something my body was craving for since my baby’s birth.

Even their schedule allows you to sleep in (if your baby or kid permits). With breakfast time is extended till 11.30am, you don’t have to rush for that important first meal of the day.

westin langkawi villa room

One Bedroom Villa

3. Beach front private pool villas

We spent our days in a one-bedroom villa with a private pool, which was wonderfully convenient for our baby and her very first pool experience. The kitchenette, dining and living room were great for us too. Separate spaces to sleep, play and dine. Perfect for our small family to unwind.

Our beach experience was a lot better than we expected, because it was fringed with lush trees. Meaning, more protection from the blazing sun and heat. As a mum who is careful about protecting my baby’s vulnerable skin to the damaging effects of the sun, this was definitely a plus.

The Westin Langkawi has spacious rooms, suites and villas to cater to your family needs. Check out Westin’s Family Packages for more information on the best deals for your stay.

4. Get some serious pampering

I’ll risk sounding clichéd for this point…every mum needs to be pampered because we absolutely deserve it. No one can truly understand just how much caring for a baby takes out of us (be it working mummies or stay-at-home mums).

If you haven’t already started relaxing immediately upon checking in, The Heavenly Spa by Westin is the perfect place to let go of all remaining stressors. Here, you’ll get to leave all worries in the burden basket provided before the start of your chosen wellness treatment.

I was treated to an award-winning spa experience. Since I’m big on descriptions, the Heavenly Spa Signature Massage caught my eye. Months of pumping and sore muscles were screaming for a release, and I was left “feeling physically rested and mentally uplifted” — just as described.

Check out their wide variety of indulgent massages, nourishing facials, energizing scrubs and rejuvenating baths. They even have a kids spa for 4-10 year olds and treatments with mums in mind; post-pregnancy skin soother and the ultimate pregnancy massage. Click here for the Spa Menu.

spa at westin langkawi resort

Heavenly Spa entrance

5. Enticing eats

Variety is key when you’re having all meals at one resort. Here you can try something different every day of the week at various restaurants on site — taking you around the world in a week!

Euro Trip (Monday), BBQ and Grill Skills (Tuesday), Latino Night (Wednesday), South East Asian (Thursday), Asian Flavors From the North (Friday), From the Sea (Saturday) and Arabian Nights (Sunday). Take your taste buds for a spin.

If your kids are a little older, allowing a romantic dinner date, then you’d be thrilled to find that there are three enchanting dining experiences.

Bring back the nostalgia of your courtship days with a dinner on a float surrounded by the Andaman sea with talented chefs serving up tasty delights from their exclusive menu.

Spa By Night lets you to wine and dine your spouse by the beach after indulging in Westin’s signature Heavenly Spa treatment. And finally at the Anjung Damai you’ll have majestic views of the Andaman sea at sunset while partaking in a fine dining experience. So go ahead, rekindle that passion…

romantic dinner at westin langkawi

Romantic Dining at the Float

6. Westin Family Kids Club

A great deal of family fun is just waiting to be had. That’s right, even hyperactive kids who bounce off walls without sugar will get to tire themselves with bountiful activities, ranging from bird watching to Junior Masterchef challenges.

Children ages 4-12 will find hours of amusement at the kids’ club. My bub was too young for these activities, but I intend to come back when she is old enough to partake and enjoy playtime with other kids. Find out more about the kids activities here.

kids club at the westin langkawi resort

Kids Club

7. A personalised experience

Service, service, service. I can see that the staff go above and beyond, just to make our stay that much better. We were greeted by their friendly mascot “Cheeky Monkey” with balloons, pomp and a welcome crew. It was such a thrill for my baby.

After dinner, were delighted to find Cheeky Monkey (in the form of a plush toy resting on our bed), plus two complimentary caps. How very thoughtful! Knowing that we had a morning walk planned the next day, the staff even anticipated our sun protection needs!

At the time of my visit, my bub had just started solids. I’m not a big fan of packaged purées, so imagine my delight when I discovered I could order fresh purees (not found on the menu), specially made with choice ingredients at just the right consistency.

Baby had a sampling of pumpkin, avocado, potato, carrot, broccoli and pea combinations and loved every bit of it. Well, the portions were rather big, so mummy and daddy were happy to lap up the leftover yummy puréed goodness.

Note: Remember to inform the reservation staff about your kid’s age, so that they can prepare all that is necessary to make your getaway the best one possible.

langkawi island

Aerial view of The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa

8. Get closer to nature

One of the many reasons to visit Langkawi is to be closer to nature. Well, there is no better way than going on excursions around the island. And if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind tour, why not do it from the air? Westin Langkawi has their very own helipad!

If you’re in for some adventure, they even have island hopping activities, ATV tours, cable car rides and other specially-curated and inspired itineraries. Just check with the tour desk and concierge.

Our little family-unit had a lovely time bonding in this tranquil 5-star environment. We lacked nothing during this unforgettable stay at the Westin Langkawi.

So, if you have not already planned a getaway this school holiday, this would be a fantastic place to start. For more information, visit http://www.westinlangkawi.com/

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