Self-Taught Makeup Artist Watiey Abdullah Transforms into Najib

Self-Taught Makeup Artist Watiey Abdullah Transforms into Najib

Makeup is not a mask, It is art, It is passion. It is expression.

Talented, self-taught Makeup Artist Watiey Abdullah transforms various prominent people and other famous celebrities with the help of makeup, face paint and SFX makeup. Only 600 posts in and she has amassed 27.8k followers on Instagram and followed by almost 22k people on Facebook.

Her most famous one was when she transformed herself into Najib!



Holy Moly! The resemblance is really something. For someone who was self taught, she hones some really impressive skills – be it shading, contouring and bringing on the transformation. But if that didn’t impress you,  you should check out her transformation into Robert Downy Jr below. When I saw it I was blown away. She was almost the carbon copy of the celebrity.

Check out some of her other work:

#1 Groot from The Guardians of the Galaxy movie

Just check out the amount of fine detailing here.


#2 Star Wars Darth Sideous Emperor

#3 Angelina Jolie

#4 Black Swan

#5 Robert Downy Jr.

See what I mean?!

#6 Mr Bean

#7 Joker from Suicide Squad

#8 Ri-Ri (Rihanna)

Do check out some of her video tutorials on Youtube. Watiey also provides services as a bridal makeup artist and teaches private classes. You can forward your questions via her email which can be found on her Instagram page.

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