Speaking up against sexual discrimination

Speaking up against sexual discrimination

Sexual discrimination has existed for generations and have affected women throughout their lives. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, theAsianparent would like to speak up on the topic of gender discrimination and standing up for the empowerment of women!

Sexual discrimination - Time for actionDiscriminatory attitudes towards women have existed for generations and affects women over their lives. Although laws grant women equal rights, gender disparities remains.

Discrimination against girls and women in the developing world is a devastating reality. Below mentioned are few of the factors causing a remorseless cycle of discrimination against women in society:

  • Stereotypical social values regarding women which prohibits women from demanding rights and benefits
  • A combination of poverty and deep biases against women leaves women vulnerable to severe physical and emotional abuse.
  • In general, the denial of access to justice and remedies, particularly against male violence are common.
  • Women are disadvantaged at work, as their roles and capabilities are underestimated.
  • Lower financial back up preventing women from achieving a higher standard of living.
  • Fewer opportunities for women to access resources such as education, health care services and job opportunities.

Empowering women fundamentally strengthens families and societies. Studies show there is a direct link between a country's attitude toward women and its progress socially and economically. The status of women is central to the health of a society.

As we celebrate International Women’s day we are getting to know the importance of government in addressing gender discrimination issues. The good news is that new generations of women and men represent the most promising source of change for women in the developing world today.

Over the past century there has been much to rejoice about the positive development of women. Yet these achievements have not eliminated gender discrimination or patriarchy completely.

What women should do if they're sexually discriminated

Know your rights!

Women know your rights! There are several advocacy groups which offer resources and advice to women on their rights and their legal options should they be discriminated on the basis of gender.

Negotiate better salaries

Negotiate better salaries at the workplace. You should be paid in accordance to industry standards based on your capabilities instead of your gender.

No-tolerance policy

Illustrating to men that there is a no-tolerance policy on discriminating against women will prevent capable women from being overlooked for promotion in the workplace.

Understanding the rules

Co-workers should understand the effects of such treatment and the consequences of not obeying the rules.

Resolve the matter internally

When faced with unfair pay, a hostile work environment, and preferential treatment toward men in salary and other practices first try to resolve the matter internally.

Get help

Connect to similar communities fighting for their rights. You are not alone in your struggle for getting what you are entitled to.

Seek legal recourse

When environment at workplace turns hostile you have no option but to quit. Seek legal recourse and pursue the case.

Human Rights Act

Suing unfair employers is a lot easier with the Human Rights Act. It's important to have the law on one's side when workplace discrimination becomes too much to handle.

Various countries have remarkable legislation outlawing women's discrimination in the economic, social, and political spheres. However, there seems to be some weaknesses in implementation.

What still needs to be done to promote gender equality?

  • Projects on awareness building and education need to be undertaken at the grass root level and across schools, offices and local bodies.
  • The development of gender equality and social inclusion policies is necessary
  • Effective implementation and monitoring of policies and projects
  • Closing of gender gaps in primary and secondary school enrollment
  • Increased participation of women in the corporate as well as government sectors.
  • Network with like-minded international organizations to create support to promote from within and from out.

Achieving gender equality needs to be a concerted action involving strategies, actions, and partnerships forged at different levels of government and private institutions. Everyone’s efforts can help to make every day a Happy Women’s day!




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