5 Super Fun Birthday Party Games

5 Super Fun Birthday Party Games

Kid's Party Games to keep those active mini guests happy

Birthday party games

Are you throwing a birthday party for a bunch of preschoolers but you’re stumped for games? Well here are 5 Birthday Party Games that is sure to keep those active kiddos happy.

#1 Punch Pinata

Move aside conventional pinatas, and give this Punch Pinata a try! Kids can punch the coloured circles and hidden behind every coloured circle there’s a party favor to win. Everyone gets something and is sure to keep your little guests occupied and happy.

Visit here to see step by step, how you can make your own Punch Pinata

#2 Water Balloon Pinata

birthday party games

We recently played this at my daughter’s 6th Birthday BBQ party and it was really great fun. Getting all wet and getting to bash a bunch of water balloons really appealed to the kiddos. Understandably you will have to preempt their parents to pack them a change of clothes, and of course this game is best if you’re outdoors.

To make it more pinata like, you can actually insert small gifts which can withstand being wet for a pop of surprise. You can cut up a water bottle to use the neck as a funnel to fill your balloon. Put the mouth of the balloon over the mouth of the water bottle and fill with trinkets.

birthday party games

credit : www.thegunnysack.com

And even if you didn’t fill the balloons with prizes, you can always hand this out instead to every participant. Look out candy high!

birthday party games

credit : littlehouseonthecircle

#3 Pass the Parcel

I’m all for games where everyone wins. For this game you do need to be sure of your number of mini guests. Get parents to RSVP and playing this wouldn’t be a problem. There is a party gift on every layer with one main prize being the last and final one.

You will have to keep track who already has a gift and stop the music strategically until everyone has won something. Be sure to keep reminding the kids that they are only allowed to open ONE layer. Trust me kids tend to forget when they are excited.

When my daughter overheard the mechanics of the game when I was discussing it with my sister in law, she said, “but mom, isn’t that cheating?”

umm…. ummm… *changes topic*

#4 Pin The Cherry on the Ice Cream

birthday party games

credit : kristendukephotography.com

Or pin just about anything really. It can be a tail on a donkey, spider on to a web, let your creativity lead the way. You can even pin the light saber for Yoda.

birthday party games

credit : themomcreative.com

But if you’re hosting a ice-cream party then maybe you would be interested in the printable above, available here.

#5 M&M Straw Game

birthday party games

credit : funonadime.net

The objective of the game:

Using the straw suck as many M&M’s from the bowl as possible before the player to your left rolls a double. Once all the M&M’s are gone from the big bowl, the player with the most M&M’s wins. NO HANDS allowed!

Visit here to see full explanations for the game along with the list of things you will need. They also have a younger kid version of the game using beans.


Good luck!

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