The Girl Effect - A movement to end poverty

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The Girl Effect is a movement that is about ending poverty. Find out how an adolescent girl has the power to stop poverty before it starts.

Imagine a girl who is all alone and wandering the streets. She is cold and she hugs her pregnant belly, wondering how she and her unborn baby will survive. The saddest part is that this girl is only 15-years-old. No young girl should go through this, The Girl Effect strives to help these girls create a better future for themselves and will in-turn curb poverty before it even starts.

Girl power!

The Girl Effect is social change in action. It’s about you using your voice, your talents, and your community to help girls help themselves—and, as a result, everybody else.

It all starts with an adolescent girl. An adolescent girl has the power to stop poverty before it starts, but she needs your help. She needs information, healthcare, and education. She needs laws to change, money in her pocket, and she needs her parents, her government, and the global community to see that she is valuable.

But her change can’t happen without your help. You can help by investing in these girls in hopes that they will get a better future and life.

Lend a helping hand

the girl effect

Find out more about The Girl Effect and how you can help on their website and Facebook page.


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