Telling Employer About Pregnancy: When Is The Best Time To Do It?

Telling Employer About Pregnancy: When Is The Best Time To Do It?

Congratulation on your pregnancy! With a baby growing in your belly, you are faced with a number of important questions and decisions. And for a working woman one of the many questions to be answered is - When is the best time to break the news to my boss?

Pregnancy can be so unexpected, hence having to tell your boss about is can be nerve wrecking. Do you have any ideas on telling employer about pregnancy?

telling employer about pregnancy

Telling Employer About Pregnancy: When Is The Best Time To Do It?

Aisha has been contemplating at work for a few days now whether she should tell her boss that she is 2 months into her pregnancy. She knows eventually her colleagues and the rest of them at office are going to find out about her pregnancy when they inquire about the little baby bump. Is it the best time to inform the boss? She is in two minds.

This is the plight of a number of working women who have entered preggerhood.  Most women wait to announce to anyone except close family, till the end of their first trimester on reaching the safe zone.

Consider these factors to decide the best time to make the announcement.

Nature of the job

If your job is strenuous or if the working environment is in any way harmful to you or your baby in the womb inform your supervisor early on. They can then take maximum precautions in a timely manner like a change of responsibilities or environment to suit your needs. You can also discuss with the employer and negotiate for flexible work hours, work from home and other arrangements.

State of mind and body

Are you showing symptoms of morning sickness – Nausea, body pain, uneven blood pressure or any other complications?  You may need to call ill more frequently to your office. Letting them know the exact reason for your absence will make your boss and colleagues more sympathetic and accommodating to your needs.

Relationship with your supervisors

A lot depends on what kind of relation you share with your boss and also what kind of leadership style your boss portrays. Women who are confident that their bosses would be considerate enough to understand their condition are usually not hesitant to inform their boss. On the other hand with bossy employers who are not supportive, women tend to get cautious.  In this case be firm and positive while addressing your condition to the boss. At the same time assure them that your productivity at work would not be affected in any way and that you will give them enough notice periods in case you are not in the condition to do so.

Wait till an important deadline

You have been working hard on a project and now it has come to a successful completion. Waiting till the end of the project to inform will not just justify but will also go to prove that you were effective even through your pregnancy phase. You may want to wait till your appraisal period so your reviews are not affected by your pregnancy.

It is best to inform the boss much before it shows, typically within 20 weeks of pregnancy. Delaying too much could worsen your case and the employer may lose faith in you. Informing right away you get the additional period to find your maternity benefits pre and post-delivery. Discuss with your boss to create solutions to any problems that may arise in your absence. This will only further help you to strengthen your boss and employee relationship.


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