3 yummy, easy-to-create Chinese recipes for morning sickness

3 yummy, easy-to-create Chinese recipes for morning sickness

No mincing words here - morning sickness sucks! But there are some Chinese recipes that can try to minimise the nausea. To start off, try these 3 yummy and easy to make recipes, which are believed to reduce queasiness:

There is no quick fix for morning sickness, but there are some things you can try to minimise the nausea.

Morning sickness recipe 1: Duck Gizzard Congee

duck gizzard

Congee is an excellent dish for you to reintroduce food into your body. The Chinese materia medica states that white rice harmonizes the stomach and the spleen, the two most important organs involved in optimum digestion. Dried tangerine peel tastes mildly sour. It whets the appetite while easing nausea.

What you need

1 dried duck gizzard

4 grams dried tangerine peel

50 grams long grained rice

100 grams lean meat

Spring onion for garnishing

What you do

1) Rinse all the ingredients

2) Soak tangerine peel in water until soft

3) Put all the ingredients in a pot. Add water and boil till rice is mushy.

4) Serve

Morning sickness recipe 2: Milk Custard With Ginger Juice

milk custard

If you have morning sickness, you may continue to lose a lot of fluids along with the nutrients, thus replenishing your body is very important. Milk and ginger is also believed to stop nausea.

What you need

200 ml Fresh milk

10 ml ginger juice

25 grams sugar

What you do

1) Boil Milk in the pot. Add sugar and let set for two minutes.

2) Pour milk in bowl with ginger juice.

3) Leave till set.

4) Serve Warm

Morning sickness recipe 3: Black Plum Drink with Ginger and Lu gen


Black plum drink with ginger and Lu Gen is believed to prevent morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy. Ginger is rich in iron, potassium and magnesium.

What you need

30 grams lu gen

15 grams ginger

10 grams dried black plums

4 cups water

Brown sugar to taste

What you do

1) Rinse all ingredients and put in a pot.

2) Boil till water reduces to about 2 cups. Strain and save the liquid.

3) Add brown sugar and boil.

4) Serve twice a day.

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