5 Useful Tips for Baby Constipation

5 Useful Tips for Baby Constipation

Constipation is very common among babies. It happens especially when they transition to solids or when a particular brand of milk formula does not suit them.

If your baby is constipated, you might note some irritability or other behavioral changes. Your baby might have a hard belly, poor appetite and experience some pain passing dry, hard stool. The stool is pebble like or in some cases blood streaks can be found on the stool’s outer edge.

Here are 5 useful tips that would help with baby constipation:

#1 Probiotics

In layman terms, probiotics can be broadly defined as strains of microorganisms that support the health. Probiotics are usually bacteria, good bacteria that’s great for your gut. These microbes living in your baby’s digestive tract directly impact how quickly (or slowly) stool moves through your baby’s colon.

I have been using Lactogg for a very long time now. I think a lot of moms in Malaysia do too, especially mothers who have kids with eczema. My youngest has mild eczema so I’ve been using this brand of probiotics for my kids.

But there are many more brands on the market and you can read all about them here.

#2 Massage & Bicycle Legs

#3 Homemade Fruit Mash

So far I’ve found pear mash to be very, very effective. They are easy to steam and the small ones that come in 8s in Tesco is just the right size too. I would normally just steam them skin on until they are soft to touch, cut them in half and just gently scoop the flesh out. If you find that to be too messy, have them peeled, cored and just puree it with a hand blender after.

Other soft fruits I found helpful: papaya, dragon fruit (but my daughter was not fond of this).

#4 Fermented Liquids

Fermented liquids gives your baby’s gut probiotics, helping to naturally regulate bowel movements. Examples of fermented liquids include:

Homemade kombucha – while fermented – is not suitable for babies because it contains small amounts of caffeine and alcohol.


My kefir grains were given by a close friend. But if you’d like to make kefir at home, join Healing Cultured World on Facebook. Someone generous might actually donate some to you.  All you need to do is purchase your own canning jars or airtight bottles, sugar, funnel and a sieve. If you’re thinking about our KL questionable water quality, you can purchase bottled mineral water.

You also have a variety of options in terms of flavouring and infusing your water kefir if you’re thinking of making some for yourself. But plain water kefir is already pretty delicious on it’s own. You can start slow and feed your baby in teaspoon quantities. Take cues from your baby and of course, remember, no water for babies under 6 months.

credit : .kefir-grains.com

credit : kefir-grains.com

I have not attempted raw milk kefir, but I do have friends who make them. You can also learn to make your own from Healing Cultured World.

#5 Homemade Prune Juice

credit : thejuicechief.com

credit : thejuicechief.com

Instead of buying prune juice for babies, you can make your own natural prune juice with whole fruits. The recipe only consists of 2 ingredients:

1 part dried prunes

5 parts filtered water

Mix one part of dried prunes and five parts of filtered water and simmer the mixture for three to four hours. Remove the pits, puree your mixture and filtrate it. You can save the leftovers for jam. You can also cook the prunes without their seeds until they are tender. Drain, mash and save the liquid.

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