50-year-old mum's bikini shoot in the extreme cold goes viral

50-year-old mum's bikini shoot in the extreme cold goes viral

This 50-year-old Chinese mum has already defied aging! Now she's defying the elements!

Remember Liu Yelin? The 50-year-old mum who looks so young that she’s often mistaken for her 23-year-old son’s girlfriend? Well, the 50-year-old Chinese woman, who seems to have unlocked the secrets to eternal youth, is at it again!

After she posted photos of herself clad only in a bikini and ski goggles in the extreme cold, it heated up Chinese social media. The photos, which were taken near the frozen lake Baikal in Russia, were first shared on her Weibo account. The series of photos has since earned thousands of likes and comments.

50-year-old Chinese woman says her secret to staying young and fit is exercising in the cold

50-year-old chinese woman

Photo by Zheng Guanming | Image source: Weibo

The youthful Chinese mum is no stranger to the cold, as she mentioned in a previous interview. Aside from doing yoga in the snow, she says she even swims in icy water. 

This, along with other exercises she does daily, is her secret to looking young and staying fit. She believes the cold temperature “slows down the ageing process.”

workout for woman

Photos by Zheng Guangming | Image source: Weibo

The retired librarian and model has been working out for 30 years, proving that it’s never too late to start taking steps towards better health!

How can you look and feel younger at any age?

look younger than age

Aside from exercising, the 50-year-old Chinese woman rarely wears makeup! | Screenshot: Liu Yelin Instagram account

Liu Yelin has shared with her over 153,000 Weibo and Instagram followers some other secrets to staying young. 

Aside from regular exercise, she only uses minimal cosmetics and makes sure to cleanse thoroughly at the end of the day. This is further proof that you should never fall asleep with makeup on!

Of course, genes influence how you age, but what truly matters is caring for the body you’ve been given.

Stay away from vices like smoking and drinking. And keep your life free from stress and anxiety. These are just some ways to keep yourself young.

Yes, there is no way to escape the pressures of parenthood, but what matters is that you don’t take self-care for granted!

Though most mums have neither the energy nor the time to exercise as rigorously as Liu Yelin, even the smallest lifestyle changes can make a huge difference.

For starters, eating right is a cornerstone of health!

One important nutrient that you should get lots of is calcium. Calcium not only maintains bone and teeth health, it helps improve muscles, hormones, nerve function, and blood clotting. For those who are advanced in age, it can help regulate blood pressure, and maintain a healthy weight.

For woman in menopause, their bodies are less able to absorb calcium from the food they eat, so calcium supplements are usually recommended by their doctors. 

Though nutrients like calcium and vitamin D are important at any age, those over the age of 50 need more of it daily. In fact, once you hit 50, your daily calcium requirement goes up to 1,200 mg/day.

Food rich in calcium include yogurt, cheese, sardines, beans, almonds, whey protein, leafy greens, and many others.

Workouts for women over 50

If you’re worried that you might overextend yourself through exercise, here are some safe workouts that mums over 50 can do to stay fit!

  • Aerobic exercises like jogging, walking, swimming, and dancing. Up to 20 or more minutes a day for at least three to four days can be great if you want to improve heart health and slim down.
  • Strength training can help build your muscles and improve your posture. An example of this type of exercise is lifting hand weights. Choose a weight that you can manage lifting for eight to 12 repetitions. 
  • Stretching exercises like yoga and Pilates help improve flexibility and movement. What’s more, stretching regularly builds up your core strength; it also steels your body to prevent soreness or injury.

Make sure to consult your doctor before engaging in any form of exercise, especially if you have not worked out for years!


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