8 things you should prepare for before going into labour

8 things you should prepare for before going into labour

Soon-to-be-mums, here's an important checklist you should keep track of!

You’re in your last few weeks of the pregnancy and amidst your frantic rush to document all your belly shots before you pop, coupled with nesting instincts and waddling around restlessly, I’m sure at some point you would have scoured the internet for checklists on what else to do.

Getting ready the car seat

While the Malaysian Government is expected to enforce the use of car seats by 2017 (The Sun Daily), we started with our first child in 2010. The convertible was installed into the car and our first born made her first trip in a car seat. If you're inheriting a hand me down car seat, be sure to check the manufacturing dates: car seats do have a shelf life.

Unpack and set up that crib

Yes, have the husband do this way in advance and be sure to sun the mattress and have all the bedding washed and ready to go. Unless of course if you’re using a Close and Secure sleeper to co-sleep, which is hardly any unpacking at all.

Pack that hospital bag

Change of clothes and breastfeeding clothes? Preferred brand of heavy flow sanitary pads and granny panties? Ipod with a zen playlist? Breast pump?Toiletries and other essentials? Check! But that's not all, pack a change of clothes for the husband as well and going home clothes and diapers for your newborn. Have everything packed, double check it, and have it ready to go.

Put all documents in a file

Have all your necessary documents in one place for easy access and preferably in your hospital bag. Your prenatal check up booklet, medical coverage information, OBGYN contacts, and personal documents for registering at the hospital or specialist centre. If you have a scheduled delivery then make sure you have pre-registered documents with you.

Charge that camera, empty that flash drive

I remember how excited we were when we were first time parents! There were two smart phones and a camera rearing to go. Remember to make space for new memories. It would be most inconvenient when at the most crucial moment and the camera reads: memory full. Have on yourself spare batteries and flash cards, we wouldn't want to miss a thing.

When to go the hospital

You should already know in general when to be heading to the hospital, your decision for type of delivery and also your options for pain relief along with their side effects. Be sure to ask all the questions and raise any concerns at your last visit to the OBGYN, he or she will gladly furnish the answers.


Be sure to appoint your designated driver to the hospital and have backup numbers to call just to be on the safe side. Preempt your driver on how to register you at the hospital and show them where the necessary documents are, in case of an emergency .

Gadgets or books

If you're a tech junkie like me then be sure to pack along your tablet and charger to keep you company. Unless you are in a private room chances are you won't get to choose your own entertainment. Do some light reading and having some music on can really help you ride out the contractions!

And there you have it. 8 things to prepare before going into labour. But the most important thing for me is to try to relax and enjoy the journey transitioning into motherhood.

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