8 ways to romance your wife

8 ways to romance your wife

Romance and passion do not come to an end after you’re married and have kids, right?! With that thought in mind, this article looks at various ways in which you can continue to kindle and rekindle the sparks in your marriage!

Malaysian couple at a beachOften there are couples who seem to find the romantic sparks in their marriage altogether missing, once they have been married for a while and have had kids along the way as well. Well, that is definitely not the way things should be! Keeping that thought in mind, this article looks at various ways in which you can romance your wife with ease, especially once you sense a gradual easement of the passion which was hitherto quite clearly present.

Tip #1 – How about an impromptu vacation?

Often times it is the monotony that has set into the daily routine and rigmarole of couple’s lives which ultimately takes away the passion and spark of yore as well. Accordingly, a change of setting can definitely work wonders in bringing romance back. So as the man in the relationship, plan out an impromptu vacation – she sure will love that!

Tip #2 – How about some unpredictable gestures?

Unpredictable gestures can make a world of difference as far as rekindling romance in one’s married life is concerned. For example, if she is the one who gets up in the morning and fixes up morning tea and breakfast for you, why not reverse the roles for a change whereby you do the honours? Likewise, if she is the one who prepares the kids for school, again you can take on that responsibility for a change. Remember that these small gestures can make a huge difference to rekindling the romance in your lives.

Tip #3 – Shake a leg, yes it works!

In the course of our everyday, mundane routines, it is really not a bad idea to break away from the norm and simply shake a leg (or two!), with some really soft, relaxing, smooth and romantic music for company! The very fact that the two of you get to enjoy this experience between yourselves will work wonders as far as rekindling the romance between you is concerned.

Tip #4 – Order food home and tuck in for your favourite romantic flick

A wonderful romantic gesture on your part would be to order food in – so she does not have to cook, and then settle in to watch a nice romantic flick all by yourselves between the two of you; you can be rest assured that this is a romantic gesture which she will particularly cherish for a long time to come!

Tip #5 – A romantic, candlelight dinner!

Remember that the good old candlelight dinner still holds fancy in the lives of nearly all women out there, so if you haven’t taken her out for a nice romantic candlelight dinner in a really very long, now is as good a time as any to do so...the romance is just waiting to be rekindled this way!

Tip #6 – A warm, prolonged bubbly bath together!

When was the last time the two of you took a nice bubbly bath together? If you’re like a lot of couples out there, you may not even recall the last time you did so! So go ahead, fix up a nice bubbly bath – maybe with some champagne in tow (and the phone off the hook) for a long and cuddly bubble bath together!

Tip #7 – Take her to the places you courted her

Women particularly tend to have vivid memories of places where they were courted. So a great romantic gesture on your part would be to take your wife back to those places where the two of you spent time together in your courtship days; you can make the experience that much more special for both of you by devising something really special to do while you’re both there together.

Tip #8 – Make her something really romantic and special!

OK, this might be a little bit of effort but at the same time, there is no denying the kind of impact that this initiative on your part would have on her as far as rekindling romance between the two of you is concerned. As an instance, you could compile pictures of the two of you together to make a nice collage, with captions to go along with each of them, say describing the place, what the two of you did that day and so on...she will simply be blown away by this gesture!

There are plenty of ways in which you can easily romance your wife and rekindle the spark that the two of you had in your lives. The tips provided in this article will undoubtedly help you to no end in that endeavour!



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