10 ways to romance your sweetheart

10 ways to romance your sweetheart

Now that love and romance is in the air, make every gesture count! Romance your sweetheart with these pull-on-your-heartstrings moves.

carrying over the thresholdGuys don’t have to be Casanova to bring out their soft side. Ladies don’t have to go gaga about everything to make everything perfect on the V-day. Romance is still in the eye of the beholder and it is those little things that really matter. Take a pick out of our list to brighten up your amore’s Valentine’s Day and be the romantic hero/heroine that you really are.

1) Use your favorite lipstick stain to draft a special message on your bathroom mirror. Or have ready a bubble bath for him.

2) Request your local radio station to play your “theme song” while she is at work. Make sure that the DJ reads your dedication for your partner. Better yet, burn a CD of her favorite all-time hits.

3) Buy a lottery ticket and give it to your partner as soon as he arrives home. Attach a note saying, “I hit the jackpot when I married you!” Or, you can write a “Top 10 Reasons You Were My Jackpot Prize” list.

4) Make a photo collage of your best memories together – in chronological order. You can also opt for a framed group of photos instead.

5) Send a picture of yourself in lingerie on your darling’s cell phone with a text message: “I can’t wait for you tonight.” Better yet, take her for a window-shopping at a sex toy store. That will surely fire up kinky ideas for tonight.

6) Kiss her passionately in the rain. Slow dance to a romantic music. Hold hands and walk somewhere where there are lots of lights or even on an evening when the sky is blanketed with millions of stars.

7) Give him a $100 gift certificate to a Victoria’s Secret catalog and say, “It’s up to you.” Imagine the twinkling in his eyes.

8) Instead of walking straight to the door like you usually do after office, ring the doorbell and surprise her with a dozen of white roses and a bottle of some fancy champagne.

9) Buy a thousand Hershey’s Kisses. Replace the wrappings and the little paper strips with your own version of “I love you” notes. Explain to her that each chocolate is redeemable with a kiss from different parts of your body.

10) Hire a violinist to serenade you during your romantic dinner at home, complete with a gourmet version of her favorite dishes by the candle lights.

Find out what real men and women think about their boo’s romantic gestures:

- I find it romantic when my hubby cleans up the mess I’ve made for breakfast. Then he lets me sleep for a few more minutes while he looks after the boys as they prepare for school. – Jenni Williams
- Lots of eye contact. That is so hot. – Lori
- An impromptu massage and then wild and heavy sex afterwards. – Jerry
- My favorite dish. The stomach is still the best way to a man’s heart, right? – Luke
- I want whatever she wants. An expensive dinner, a chick flick for the nth time, anything to please her. Jason
- When she lets me woo her – with my own style, at my own pace. – John
- Intellect is both romantic and sexy. When we have a heart-to-heart talk, even for just a minute, that is real intimacy without being physical. Kym
- Giving sentimental gifts every day from February 1 to 14. – Gabrielle
- When my boo offers her undivided attention to me and no else for an entire day. – Jacob B.
- A totally clean house just from all HIS efforts is 100% romantic. – Los angelista



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