Sex blogger's scholarship revoked

Sex blogger's scholarship revoked

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has terminated sex blogger Alvin Tan’s scholarship over his blog, “Sumptuous Erotica”, where he uploaded pornographic pictures and videos of himself and his girlfriend Vivian Lee.

The case of blogger Alvin Tan is putting his scholarship in risk!

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Blogger Alvin Tan: The Case of the Sex Blogger

Alvin Tan, the sex blogger who became a celebrity over the internet because of bragging about his sexual exploits in his blog is now having to pay a price for his actions.

The 24-year-old was one of the lucky 170 students from the nine ASEAN countries who were awarded the prestigious scholarship which covers the tuition fees for the academic session, accommodation and a small allowance.

Tan, who would have cost the Singapore government at least RM275,000 during his seven year old course, has now been stripped of this scholarship.

NUS just stopped short of expelling Tan but as of now he has to pay full non-subsidized fees as a foreign student if he chooses to continue his studies, reported Singapore Straits Times, quoting unnamed sources.

Tan had been on a a leave of absence from his classes for almost a year when he started uploading pornographic pictures and videos of himself and his girlfriend Vivian Lee on their blog "Sumptuous Erotica". To popularize the blog among the peer group at the university, he boasted about his sexual escapades on Facebook.

Singapore's Education Minister, Heng Swee Keat, told Parliament on Monday that Tan's behaviour was "reprehensible and unbecoming" for the holder of this highly sought after scholarship.

The university authorities had condemned Tan’s behavior as “inappropriate and detrimental to the reputation and dignity of the university”.

Tan, when contacted, refused to elaborate on the issue and the decision of the university regarding the suspension of his scholarship saying that he was forbidden from divulging any details because of the confidential nature of the disciplinary proceedings.

Tan did apologize for his behavior at the NUS disciplinary hearing on Oct 31.

While his fate still hangs in limbo, both Tan and his girlfriend have deleted all references to their notorious blog from their Facebook accounts.


Sex blogger Alvin Tan loses scholarship

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