Attempted murder or attempted bathing?

Attempted murder or attempted bathing?

Malaysia’s Nanyang Siang Pau reported that a man high on drugs threw his little baby daughter into the washing machine, just because he had had a fight with his wife.

Dangers of washing machines around children

What are the hidden dangers in your home?


A crazed man followed his wife to the babysitter’s home and tried to strangle his baby daughter in front of the babysitter. The wife managed to placate him and he left.

Danger At Home

She returned home with her baby and other seven-month-old daughter at about 10PM. What happened next was unbelievable. The husband again tried to strangle the baby girl and started threatening to kill his wife and children.

But for some reason, he was unable to strangle the baby, and frustrated, threw her into the washing machine. It will never be known whether he thought the machine was turned on, but it is safe to say that his intentions were murderous.

The wife managed to contact the husband’s father, who arrived and overpowered the man. The wife made a police report and the psychotic husband and father has been arrested.

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Danger at Home: Why a parent would do such a thing?

In this 21st century, angry parents going berserk and harming their children is becoming a common occurrence. Many of these incidents are drug related, but many also involve frustration at work, financial problems and even “internet gaming” stress.

The most common assaults involve shaking a bay or child so hard that there is brain injury, often resulting in severe and long term injuries, and fatalities. Many also use common household appliances as weapons of assault.

Jaw dropping, crazy reasons parents would attack children:

  • Children’s crying interrupted a video game session
  • High on alcohol and drugs to the point they have no idea what is real and what is not
  • Faith healing and using exorcism rites and rituals
  • Depression and financial problems

Danger in the home

When does a useful household appliance become a deadly weapon? How do you ensure that appliances cannot become a murderous tool?

  • Top loading machines have a notorious history of killing mischievous children who climb over them and fall in. Children can drown in them and can be burnt by hot water in the wash. Lock the door to your wash area, teach your children not to play near them and never leave standing water in them.
  • Hanging cords and cables can easily strangle an active child running and jumping all over the home. New have a hanging cord anywhere, and try to use devices that store the cords away into a container which is spring loaded.  Remember not to have cords near furniture that children can climb on top of.
  • Never have your child below you when changing light bulbs. You can easily drop them and they shatter easily on a child’ head, posing a grave danger to eyes.
  • Batteries are another hidden danger. Defective or old batteries can leak, and the acid which looks like water can easily be transferred to a curious child’s eyes and mouth.

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