The baby who survived the car crash in Brazil is a miracle

The baby who survived the car crash in Brazil is a miracle

“The fetus was literally expelled by the impact on the mother.”

When headlines read "baby survives car accident", we can't help but think wow, what a miracle that a baby so fragile is still alive! But when a Brazilian baby survives a horrific car crash after she was ripped from her own mother's womb by the force of the impact – we call that beating all the odds.

Baby Survives Car Accident After Being Ripped Out of the Womb

On the day of the accident, the mum-to-be was traveling in a truck southeast of Brazil. It is unclear what actually happened but at some point, the driver lost control over the vehicle. The truck overturned, and the baby's heavily pregnant mum was flung out of the vehicle before being crushed by planks of wood that came loose during the accident.

baby survives car accident

According to local media, it was the force of the wood crashing down on the mother that tore the baby out of her stomach. 

When paramedics arrived, they declared the woman dead at the scene. However, they were shocked to hear a newborn baby crying nearby, only a few metres from the woman.

The baby’s umbilical cord was severed during the crash, but other than that she was completely unharmed.

First-Responder Hears Cries of a Newborn Baby

baby survives car accident

When first-responder Elton Fernando Barbosa received the news, he was told it was a serious accident with one casualty. But nothing prepared him for what he was about to find. 

When he arrived at the accident location, the first aid team was already tending to the injured truck driver. So he went looking for the mother-to-be who was crushed underneath the wood when he heard cries of a newborn baby. It caught him off guard because there was no mention of a third victim.

baby survives car accident

“The fetus was literally expelled by the impact on the mother, the impact was so great that this opened up the mother’s belly and the child was ejected,” said Barbosa to Brazil’s A Tribuna newspaper.

“She was perfect, healthy, without a scratch. We can say that, in those circumstances, it was really a miracle that she survived."

“By what I saw, I have no idea how she came out alive. I don’t know how this child got out of there with her life.”

An Emotional Moment

baby survives car accident

Barbosa added that is really was an emotional moment at the scene. On the one hand, they had the death of the mother. But the flipside of this tragedy: baby survives car accident. In the midst of the tragedy, they were able to save a life – the life of the baby.

“This event has marked my life. I don’t think there has ever been an accident like this in the history of the motorway. We lost a life, but we were responsible for giving life to a girl.”

Metro later reported that the baby girl was taken to Pariquera-Acu hospital where she received treatment at the neonatal intensive care ward there.

The identity of the mother, who was 39 weeks pregnant when she died, is still unknown. Authorities are trying to locate the baby’s relatives so that they can take her in. However, if none are found, she would be then be handed over to an orphanage.

The truck driver told authorities that he had only given the pregnant woman a lift, but did not know her. He was released from the hospital without serious injuries but will be charged with manslaughter.

For now, the staff at Pariquera-Acu hospital has given the miracle baby the name Giovanna, which means "protected by God". Weighing in at 6 pounds 8 ounces, she is a really calm baby and hardly cries, say the nurses.

We really hope they will find your family, little one. You're beautiful, and you really deserve a loving family.


Source: The Sun

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