Boy dies twice in car crash, meets his dad and 2 unborn siblings in heaven

Boy dies twice in car crash, meets his dad and 2 unborn siblings in heaven

What happened to Landon was nothing short of a miracle, and the entire ordeal changed Julie's outlook on life.

Back in 1997, Julie Kemp’s life was forever changed when her husband Andy, and then eight-year-old son Landon both died in a horrifying car crash.

Her son died twice

Julie Kemp was driving home with her husband and child when the side of their car was hit by an ambulance. The crash destroyed their car, and her husband Andy died on the spot, while their son Landon was practically lifeless when he was pulled out of the wreckage.

Photo from: Official 700 club

Photo from: Official 700 club

Landon had died twice during the accident, and was left in a coma. Julie was even more devastated when the doctors told him that the chances of his survival were slim, and that even if he did live, he would have permanent brain damage.

Amazingly, Landon woke up after two weeks in a coma. He had no brain damage, and he had a wonderful story to tell.

“I saw him in heaven”

While Julie was extremely happy to know that her son is okay, she struggled to figure out how to tell her son that his father had died in the crash. She knew that he had to know about her husband’s death, so she asked him if he knew where his dad was.

Landon then replied “Yes I know where he’s at. I saw him in heaven.”

He then adds that he also saw his mom’s two other kids; his mother had suffered through 2 previous miscarriages which Landon was never told about.

What happened to Landon was nothing short of a miracle, and the entire ordeal changed Julie’s outlook on life.

She adds, “These days I can thank God for giving me the strength to get through it. I didn’t see the strength when I was going through it – I saw the challenges and the hurt.”

Life is fleeting, make the most of every moment

Stories like Julie and Landon’s show just how precious our lives really are.

We need to make the most out of every moment that we can have with our family, since we honestly won’t know when their time here on earth might end. While it’s sad that Landon’s father died in the crash, it’s still amazing that he survived the entire ordeal. He still has scars from the ordeal, and he’s unable to see from his left eye, but he’s grateful that he can live a healthy and normal life.

Julie might not have the physical scars that her son has, but she admits that it was a very difficult time for her. She thanks God for giving her the strength to keep on going, in spite of the tragedy that happened. She serves as an inspiration to all of us to always keep moving forward, regardless of whatever hurdles life puts in our way.

Their amazing story encourages us to celebrate the wonder of life, to appreciate and enjoy even the smallest of things, and to always be thankful.

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