Because of Selfish Parents, My Child Contracted HFMD 3 Times!

Because of Selfish Parents, My Child Contracted HFMD 3 Times!

I’m very depressed right now, every time he screams about the ulcers in his mouth, he bites his own hands, I cry when I see that

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) is a dangerous and painful disease, which affects children and even to, adults. Those infected will have have red dots all over their bodies and will have multiple painful ulcers in the mouth. This disease spreads especially fast at kindergartens and daycare centres.

Those with serious HFMD will have to be admitted to the hospital for drips because of the ulcers, they have difficulty in eating and drinking.

Recently, a mother, Mrs. Hani Mynis posted about her son contracting this disease 3 times because of the selfishness of some parents. Once the child start showing HFMD symptoms, they should be quarantined at home. But, because of work, these selfish parents still sent their sick, infected children to kindergarten and nurseries, which, will then be spread, to other healthy children.

Even though, as parents, are forced to work in order to provide for the family, please keep your sick child at home. A normal kindergarten or a daycare nursery will have at least 20-30 children and, their selfishness will infect these children. Have they ever thought, what if a child was infected in a more serious matter until they have to be admitted to the hospital?


Just because they refuse to take leave to care for their sick child, you risk exposing the disease to other healthy children. Worst still, if the nursery has infants, which will be infected by their sick child. An infant does not have a strong immunity nor can they take strong antibiotics to kill the virus, so, your selfishness could cause the life of an infant.

Recalling what happened to her son, Mrs. Hani Mynis have posted a status on Facebook expressing her regret after her son was infected with the disease three times because some parents were selfish. Here’s her full story:

“There are some parents who are very selfish and ignorant! Still taking their infected children with HFMD, to playground, indoor playground, sending a child to a nanny / nursery, play in the shopping complex. You are ignorant and selfish!

Each child has a different reaction to the virus that causes HFMD and it’s a nightmare when you saw the amount of ulcers in their mouths! The child can’t eat and is crying all the time because they’re in pain.

I rarely post such status on Facebook, But, this is the third time within a year and this is the worst case of all. I had to take off for a week to quarantine myself and my child in this house.

There are some parents who care only about work and still send their infected child to nurseries, infecting the whole place! The disease is very contagious. Did you know that???

Okay, I’m very depressed right now, every time he screams about the ulcers in his mouth, he bites his own hands, I cry when I see that. Please do not be selfish, parents. When your children have HFMD, quarantine them and stay at home until everyone is fully recovered.

So, to the parents out there, if your child is sick , please don’t spread the virus to others, please don’t bring your children to public places to prevent others from being infected.”

It is truly heartbreaking to see your child in so much pain. Please think before being selfish. Quarantine your child at home till they recover. It is your responsibility as a parent to care for your sick child. Not the kindergartens or the nurseries.

All pictures and translated from Hani Mynis

Also translated from Siakap Keli

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