Body Wash Review for Eczema Prone Babies

Body Wash Review for Eczema Prone Babies

After confirming that my daughter has eczema, I went and looked up on eczema products. Here are some Body Wash products, suitable for eczema prone babies.

When the nurse handed me my newborn post delivery, the first thing I noticed were two eczema like patches on both her cheeks. I wasn’t overly concerned at that time or knew much about it because my eldest daughter had a wee bit that went away soon after. So I just shrugged it off as very sensitive skin, and for a moment, it did go away.

First Minor Flare

It was when she started on solids, that I started to notice more and more patches of rough skin appearing on the backs of the thighs, on her arms and sometimes the back of her knees. Thankfully, her face was spared.

I took her to our family GP who diagnosed her for fungal infection. But I wasn’t so convinced. After using topical creams she recommended, it didn’t go away. I went and sought a second opinion with her pediatrician, and it was confirmed on the spot: Eczema. We were recommended Cetaphil and mild steroid ointment Elomet. Cetaphil no doubt was a very mild cleanser, but it didn’t feel all that moisturising.

Not wanting to depend so much on steroid creams and ointment, I decided to do some reading on other options:


Just like Cetaphil, Physiogel felt similar in terms of texture as both are gel like and doesn’t foam up. In fact it felt too alike for me to develop liking it at all. I mean it did it’s job cleansing, but I still didn’t think it was moisturising enough to skip the moisturiser completely.

Post using Physiogel, I can still see some dry patchy areas and will always have to go over her skin with moisturiser.

Dermaveem Shower and Bath Oil

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I actually really love this product and even use it myself when I feel like my skin is overly dry. The oil in here really locks in the moisture and leaves your skin supple, smooth and conditioned after a shower. As with all sensitive skin, you are advised to pat dry after a shower. Never rub your body with the towel while using Dermaveem Shower and Bath Oil, or you might just wipe off all the goodness. Doubles as body wash, bath oil and moisturising enough to skip the moisturiser, you can see why this one is by far my favourite.

Whenever my daughter starts her scratching frenzy, I would let her soak in her bath with a couple of pumps of this and it really helps to keep the dryness to a minimum.

Available in pharmacies like Vitacare, and sometimes Alpha Pharmacy would carry it too.

Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo

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I can’t for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon this product. I only remember asking my sister in law to look out for it in Singapore because it isn’t available in Malaysia. I love that it is mildly scented, gel like but lathers a wee bit better than Physiogel and Cethapil. It is also oat based like Dermaveen.

It leaves a layer (but not an overly obvious layer like Dermaveen’s) of silkiness over the skin, liken to a protective film almost, and the skin is smooth to the touch. I also follow up with Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Lotion after her shower:

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Before you go ahead and think that this must be because it’s also not moisturising enough for my daughter’s skin. But strangely enough, when used together, all the dry flakey eczema spots would slowly go off on its own after a couple of days. If it gets really bad, they also have Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Baby Bath Treatment for soaks, which happens to be a bestseller product as well.



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I’ve heard plenty of good stuff about MooGoo and mothers in the local scene always sing praises about this one. However, I have not personally used or purchased their products. It isn’t because I wouldn’t. I just never felt the need to change from using both Dermaveen and Aveeno.

Therefore, I can’t say very much about MooGoo, other than the fact that a lot of Malaysian moms would vouch for their products. To know more about MooGoo, pop into any of these major chain pharmacies like Caring Pharmacy, AA Pharmacy and Vitacare Pharmacy.

Disclaimer: This review is solely from a personal stand point and not to be mistaken as professional advice. Please seek medical advice and consultation before proceeding to use any of these products. My daughter only has very mild occasional eczema flares, and what works for us may not work for you.

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