How you can breastfeed in style!

How you can breastfeed in style!

Check out American start up Leche Libre, which aims to create nursing clothes that make it easy for mums to breastfeed while still looking stylish!

It's not easy being a breastfeeding mum. All our clothing decisions revolve around how easy it is for the baby to access the breast. It's hard to look professional and pump easily at work. And most of the sartorial choices for nursing moms are far from flattering, much less glamorous.

That's why the creative force behind American start up brand Leche Libre created the stylish garments you can see in this video!

Designer Andrea Newberry says "I've created Leche Libre to provide stylish quality clothing for easy discrete nursing wherever, whenever you and your baby want. The unique design provides zippers down the bust seams to allow you to easily access and control the amount of exposure during nursing."

Nursing clothes that give women the confidence to nurse their babies with ease while maintaining their individual style. Now that's a game changer. Sadly Leche Libre is only available in America at the moment. Do you know any brands in Asia that offer anything similar?



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