Can babies see things that we can’t?

Can babies see things that we can’t?

Do you believe that babies can see things that we can’t? Some believe that kids are more sensitive to seeing spiritual beings in comparison to adults. One reader tells theAsianparent of his experience in seeing his children communicate with something he cannot see.

Can babies see things that we can’t?theAsianparent reader, Naren Narasiah tells us his experience of seeing his two daughters communicate with something that he and his wife could not see.

Unusual incidents

Naren and his wife started noticing weird incidents with the birth of their first daughter. Before his first daughter reached two months old, she was able to focus on the movement of his hand from left to right. And when someone talks to her or plays with her, her head will turn to him and follow his movement or sound. She would also respond with big smiles when someone is playing and communicating with her.

“But there were also times where we noticed she was doing the same thing when nobody was in the room with her,” said Naren.

“She also did it when we were in the room but we were just quietly sitting without moving,”

“The weirdest one was when sometimes we are talking to her, she looks over our heads as though she was responding to someone else and she will be turning her head left to right like as though someone was moving an object at her and was communicating with her,” he said.

He also mentioned that he and his wife would joke that she was playing with her guardian angels.

Events repeating themselves

Naren said that this lasted till his eldest daughter was around five months old. Five years have passed since the unusual experience with their first daughter and they have put the events in their past. But with the recent birth of his second daughter, he and his wife noticed the events repeating themselves.

Naren’s second daughter is more alert that his first. He said that from the moment she was born, she already started moving her head when something moved close to her face like his hand or anything that he holds close to her. At 1.5 months, she was already very expressive with her smiles and was very alert and attentive when someone talks to her.

“As she passed her 1.5 months, she is also doing the same thing as my first born did,” says Naren.

“There were times I have walked into her room to find her responding like as though someone was playing with her.”

His children is protected

When asked how he and his wife feel about the unusual incidents he says that he doesn’t worry too much about it because he feels that his children are protected.

“I know that there is something divine and spiritual protecting them and I know this in my heart,” he says.

What others think about it

theAsianparent published a poll on whether they believe that babies can see things (eg. spirits) that we can't. Out of all the readers who responded, 40% believe that babies cannot see spirits, while the remaining 60% believe that they do.

What do you think? Have you experienced anything similar? Do you believe that babies can see things that we can’t? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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