Can I use massage chairs during pregnancy?

Can I use massage chairs during pregnancy?

Are massage chairs advisable if you're pregnant? Read on to find out...

Massage Chairs

There is not enough study that indicates how unsafe it is to use a massage chair during pregnancy. The fact is no one knows enough about the effects of electronic massage chairs on a pregnancy. For example, we are unclear as to how much vibration is going through the user. Thus it is better to avoid the use of massage chairs till after giving birth.In fact, many massage chairs say right on the chair that they are not to be used by pregnant women.

If you must use a massage chair, do definitely avoid the first trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester is the time when your body is transforming and the chances of miscarriage are high. It is also advised to avoid a massage chair if you have

  • High-risk pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia
  • History of pre-term labor
  • Swelling or severe headaches

If you feel that your body is aching and you are longing for a good rub, do make an appointment with a massage therapist instead, or use a small handheld massager around the neck and in the upper back area but not on the lower back or in the stomach area.

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