Can A Watch Keep Children From Going Missing?

Can A Watch Keep Children From Going Missing?

2000 Malaysian children go missing every year. Can new technology like smartwatches help us keep watch on our children and keep them safer?

2000 Malaysian children go missing every year. This was the figure revealed by our Parliament in March, so it is not an exaggeration. And nearly 4,000 children aged between 6 to 18 years old have been reported missing between 2014 and January 2016.

This is undeniably one of the worst nightmares for a parent. My child is getting to an age where she can walk and run and I am starting to worry about bringing her to crowded places. She's tiny, and fast, and curious and has no idea what or who is safe. To the point where I am definitely considering something like a leash!

But there may be other, more practical options like this QQ Kids Smartwatch made by Tencent. It not only allows you to pinpoint your kids via GPS, but allows you to set up "Safe Zones" that alert you if your child should stray out of it.

There are a whole range of features including voice and text function, so you can text or call at anytime while your child can call or send messages to a maximum of 10 people. There is also an SOS button and a camera, which comes in handy in emergencies.

Watches are a great idea. Because you can literally attach it to your child, they won't get lost as easily as a phone. Also the range of functions are more limited, so it limits your child's contact with potentially harmful online predators. And they can wear their watches anywhere; there are no school rules against watches.

However, getting a watch does not mean forgoing basic parenting. Giving them a watch does not mean that we can now leave them to run riot around a mall while we get a manicure. These are simply tools that help keep children safer and cannot be relied on 100%!

You can get the Smartwatch with the MaxisONE Kid plan.


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