Celebrity Jaclyn Victor believes in managing her children without a helper

Celebrity Jaclyn Victor believes in managing her children without a helper

Being a mother has never been a deterrent for her music career.

Celebrity and singer Jaclyn Victor is more comfortable with the idea of managing her son, Jonah Joshiah Rivera, now aged 15 months without the aid of a helper.

picture credit : @jaclyn_victor

picture credit : @jaclyn_victor

Jaclyn or also known as Jaclyn Joshua Thanaraj Victor, 38, shares about her concerns regarding incidents of children being found abused by their domestic helper or nanny. It made made her feel worried and reluctant to hand over the caring for her son to others.

From Birth

From birth, her husband and herself have been taking care of Joshiah without the help of others. She only enlist the help of her mother who lives next door, to take care of her son if both her husband and herself have work commitments to attend to.

Incidences of child abuse reported in the media have caused her to be more reserved about letting other people care for her son.


picture credit : @jaclyn_victor

picture credit : @jaclyn_victor

Good Time Management

Despite being a mom now, Jaclyn has no intention of slowing down her music career. She is confident that she can juggle her time between the two without neglecting her son and her family.

She shares that her music career is still progressing as usual.Being a mother has never been a deterent for her.

“The most important thing is to have good time management to balance the two,” said Jaclyn.

New Single

Jaclyn is currently not bound to any recording company, but plans to launch her latest single using her own funds.

She thinks that it is time for her to be independent in determining the direction of her career without relying on others. She mentioned Anuar Zain, who produced an album on his own, and wanting to be like him.

She is currently in the process of launching her newest single, but details of her upcoming single are under wraps for now.


credit:  MStar

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