6 Time Management Steps Every Mum Should Know

6 Time Management Steps Every Mum Should Know

All time management begins with planning

As a mother of two and a mother who works from home, time management has always been a challenge for me. Without added help, I am juggling meeting deadlines everyday and trying to meet the needs of my family.

When I first started, it was truly chaotic and it took a lot of hits and misses to get into something semblance to a routine.

#1 Focus on Your Priorities

Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise, because 24 hours is almost never enough to do everything. Sit down and look through your deadlines, your to-do-list as well as your household chores. Prioritise what needs to be settled first and set realistic goals for the week. Focus and try your very best to stick to them.

Set it out in such a way that you are able to tackle your targets for the week without weighing yourself down too much. It should push you just enough, but not drive you over the edge. If the routine is starting to feel overwhelming, step back, re-evaluate your situation and set a lower target. Nobody wants a raving mad mum-ster in the house.

#2 Write it down

credit : lifehack.org

credit : lifehack.org

Write it down, because chances are, we already have 1001 things to do. Make a to do list to keep track of everything because we are bound to forget when distracted.  Not to mention, we’re always multi-tasking constantly making it that much harder to focus.

  • Daily to-do lists
  • Visual Chore Charts for the kids
  • Daily schedule/routine/timetable

It easier to see the big picture this way, and it helps your time management too. Plus it is so satisfying to visually see your list diminishing as you slowly cross out each task when it is accomplished.

#3 Simplify Your Chores

credit : news.asiaone.com

credit : news.asiaone.com

  • Plan easier meals or have a dinner treat on one day of the weekend, so that you can catch a breather.
  • Eliminate unnecessary busy work where you can
  • Redefine what it is to have a “clean” house, because honestly the chores NEVER end. Unless EVERYBODY chips in and help or cleans up after themselves, having a spick and span house is near impossible when you have young kids. So try not to beat yourself about it.

#4 Delegate

credit: Free Management eBooks

credit: Free Management eBooks

Do only the things that you’re sure you cannot delegate.  Everybody can chip in a little and lessen your workload for the day. Assign regular daily chores for your kids too. It frees more time for you to attend to more important things, and it is also good practice for them.

As part of a family – let them share the responsibilities as well as the benefits. By doing this you are instilling useful life skills, which they will thank you for later.

#5 Use a Timer

time management

credit : The Telegraph

Time management won’t be a hassle if you have one of these.

Setting a timer or a time limit may seem overly obsessive, but it really does help you to keep a task within a set amount of time. Take for instance the kids are sleeping and you need to finish folding your mountain of a laundry. Whether it is the conscious fact that you have set the timer or the timer itself that sparks your determination to finish on time, it doesn’t matter. It is like setting a goal which helps you to be more productive and make better use of your time.

Because you consciously know your time is limited, you will tend to work faster, and more efficiently. Besides, who doesn’t like to “beat the clock”. The kid’s love it too. I always use timers to time how fast they could put their clothes away. Fun, and gets the job done. Try it, you might be surprised.

#6 Learn to Love Yourself too

time management

credit: Nails On Wheels – Daphne Iking getting a manicure and pedicure all in the comfort of her own home.

You wont be able to take care of the family, if you aren’t well or filled with resentment! Being a mom can sometimes be the most unappreciated job in the world and it is no wonder some of us burnout or end up feeling resentful.

Make sure you get enough rest, and take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Learn to reward yourself from time to time, and socialise with friends to recharge. Try your best to keep a balanced life and you will be able to handle challenges a lot better.

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