Doctors' bags of tricks revealed

Doctors' bags of tricks revealed

Forget the apples to keep the doctors away. Just follow their tips on how to stay healthy! Check out these tips from doctors on how to cure the flu, headaches and back pains!

Check out these tips from doctors on how to cure the flu, headaches, back pains!

Check out these tips from doctors on how to cure the flu, headaches, back pains!

Why doctors are not often ill – doctors bags of tricks revealed 

Let’s face it. If it were you or I seeing ill people every day of our lives, we would falling ill all the time. Even if our immune systems were being constantly stimulated by bacteria and virus around us all the time and always active and on the guard, we would still be falling ill a whole lot more than our doctors.

So what’s their secret?

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The Secrets

The core secret is that doctors simply cannot tell patients to do what they do, because of ethical and legal conditions surrounding their practice. They have no problem though, applying these secrets to themselves.

Secret 1 – Exercise your way out of stress and colds

When you feel a cold or illness about to hit, start some light exercises that will flush out your lungs, oxygenate your blood and tissue, charge your immune system and bring out the mucus that is clogging you up. Exercise will also release endorphins that will help you feel good. But don’t exhaust yourself when you have a fever too. Just do enough to get your blood circulating and your systems working.

Secret 2 – Sleep eight hours

No secrets here though. It’s plain and simple. You need ten hours or more of sleep when you first come into the world, and as you start edging towards the point when you leave it, and if you want to do this happily and in good form, sleep a third of a day away. That’s 8 hours folks!

Secret 3 – A brain app a day to keep forgetfulness away

Whether you use a smart phone or a computer, work on some Sudoku, word or number games and stick to the timer countdown. Forcing your brain and mind to explore stuff you normally would not work at, will keep your brains active and the micro-circulation going. The brain needs as much specific exercises as your body does.

Fasting also somehow helps create more brain cells – neurons. We don’t know exactly why yet, but combined with a healthy intake of pure Omega-3, it does wonders for your brain cells, even in old age.

Secret 4 – Hug your legs for back pain, pull your toe for leg cramps

When you get that stiff back in the morning, of after staring at your computer at your desk the whole day, sit on the floor, curl yourself up into a ball, and hug your knees tight, pulling them as close as possible into your body. This gives and extreme curve to your spine and stretches it, alleviating the compression that comes with sitting for too long.

When you get cramps in your lower legs or feet, crouch and pull your toe towards you for 15 seconds. Repeat if the cramp persists when you stand up. After, eats bananas – the potassium and magnesium in them are great to prevent cramps in the first place by restoring the electrolyte balance in the tissues.

Secret 5 – Differentiate between physical and mental hunger for weight loss

If your stomach is rumbling with hunger, its actual hunger. Eat

If you feel a craving for food in your head, then drink a large cup of water and walk around or exercise. Don’t do something passive like watching TV – the craving will only get stronger when you indulge in brainless activity.

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Secret 6 – Two-handed water and coffee for headaches

The instant you feel the familiar throbbing and dull ache behind your eyes, or any other symptoms that tell you the hammering is about to start in your head; get a cup of coffee and a bottle of water, one in each hand. Start drinking them alternately – the caffeine helps with the headache and the dehydration contributes to the headache in the first place. This combination will prevent the headache, or ar least prevent it from being a bad one.

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