Woman dies, delivers baby, and returns to life

Woman dies, delivers baby, and returns to life

Read about this miraculous story of a pregnant teacher who had a seizure which cause her heart to stop, causing her to have her baby delivered by a postmortem Caesarean. Then something magical happened -- the technically 'dead' mother came back to life!

Miracle Birth

First aid care saved pregnant woman's life

Read how first aid care saved the life of a pregnant woman and her baby

Miracle Birth

Imagine a heavily pregnant woman suddenly hit by a bout of seizure. What would you do when you know that your next course of action will determine whether she lives or not?

This is what happen for the people in Elkins High School in Missouri City when their English teacher, Erica Nigrelli fainted, staring up and gurgling. The signs of a seizure.

Her husband, Nathan Nigrelli, also a teacher in the same school was just two doors away when he was told the news.

“I opened the door and walked in. Erica was lying on the floor, she was foaming and making gurgling sounds and just staring up,” he said.

Luckily she was surrounded with people who started applying first aid care to keep the mother-to-be alive while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. She was 32 weeks pregnant at the time of the incident.


When Erica arrived at the hospital, her heart had literally stopped beating as the doctors could not find any pulse and the next step was to deliver the baby through a caesarean C-section procedure.

According to the reports by the hospital, it was technically a postmortem Caesarean delivery as she was dead during the procedure.


Little baby Elayna was a miracle baby surviving the whole ordeal. But then to everyone’s surprise, Erica’s heart had started beating again only adding magic to the whole event.

Reports stated that Erica had a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart defect where 90% usually died during the collapse. A walking time bomb, it is a true miracle when not only one, but both mother and child survive the incident.

Now three months later, Erica is ecstatic that baby Elayna is healthy after the terrible ordeal that both of them have to went through. “She’s just a baby,” said Erica. “A normal baby.”


Other that really good luck and great medical care, emergency first aid care from her friends in Elkins High plays a crucial role in ensuring the survival of both Erica and Elayna.

If, by any chance, you see someone who is suffering from a seizure attack, these are the first aid care that you should apply in the situation:

* First, loosen the clothing around the person’s neck.

* Do not try to hold the person down or insert any objects in the person’s mouth as this can result in injury.

*If the person is in a crowded area, try to make room from concern bystanders by reassuring them things will be under control and give a breathing space for the victim.

* Do remove sharp objects like glasses and furniture from around the person to prevent injury.

* Once the attack has subsided, lay the victim person on his side to maintain an open airway and prevent the person from inhaling any secretion.

* Make a point to accompany even after the fit as they are usually disoriented and confused during the aftermath of the event.

* If the person is knows to have epilepsy, it is not necessary to call the emergency hotline number.

* But if any of these things are happening, a call to 999 is a must:

– Seizure lasts more than 5 minutes.

– A second seizure started soon after the first one.

– The person became unconscious after the attack.

– If the person has a medical history that might be connected like heart disease or diabetes.

First aid knowledge can save lives — you’d never know when this skill can save a life of someone you love or even a complete stranger!



Woman dies, delivers baby, returns to life

Mom delivers baby after her heart stops — then comes back to life 

Epilepsy and First Aid for Seizures



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