Frozen breast milk on a stick

Frozen breast milk on a stick

Want to provide a nutritious snack for your child disguised as a delectable and sinful treat? Read up on the benefits of frozen breast milk on a stick, then get freezing!


breast milk paci,Frozen breast milk on a stick


After reading this you would probably think to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of this before?” Well, we are talking about breast milk popsicles which are aptly named ‘Momsicles’. Simple to make yet high on perks.

Babies simply love these plus its super quick to prepare in 3 easy steps. 

• First, moms need to express breast milk either by hand or pump, whichever works best.
• Prepare small popsicle molds by sterilising thoroughly,
• Then pour the expressed breast milk into the mold and freeze.

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You can store these in the freezer above the fridge and offer them daily, every other day, every few days, or once a week as you please.

The other reasons why these Momsicles are making waves in the circle of nursing moms are:

• Great for teething pains
Teething babies really enjoy chewing on Momsicles as it cools the gums and soothes the teething pains.

• Makes for a healthy baby snack
Constantly drinking mom’s milk can get monotonous. Momsicles make for a healthy treat for babies who want to experiment with new textures.

• No added chemicals
You can feed baby Momsicles regularly, using freshly expressed breast milk. Freezing in the molds helps to store them well. No preservatives required here.

breast milk paci, Frozen breast milk on a stick

• High on nutrition
During teething pains your baby may resist latching and feeding on milk. While they enjoy their Momsicle, you don’t have to worry about feeding them anything with less nutrition value.

• Great for sore throats
When the doctor recommends cool liquids and ice blocks to help treat sore throats in babies this could be the best option.

• For introducing solids
Babies start showing interest in what's going on around them during meals. This is a good, tasty and nutritious alternative to introduce solids in their diet.

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What you have to watch out for?

• Take care of hygiene while preparing these little treats. It’s best to use silicon molds which can be sterilized after every use.
• For babies who aren’t on solids, use plain breast milk. For older babies there are great options given below.
• Use smaller molds that the baby can easily chew on.
• Momsicles are a little messy as they melt so you may want to use a bib on baby.
• Place a mat on the floor where your baby is placed, to catch the melting drips.

Beware: Mothers should be aware of baby while they enjoy the Momsicle, to avoid the risk of choking

watermelon pops, breast milk paci, Frozen breast milk on a stick

Other great options for soothing teething pains in older babies:

• Once baby starts solids, you can blend some fruits like peaches with yogurt or breast milk or just use plain fruits and freeze in the larger molds,

• Freeze in the ice-tray to form cubes and fill in a Baby Safe Feeder to let them chew. (Remember babies with teeth may tear the net off the baby safe feeder)

• Any fruit or juice can be used to make a cold but healthy treat for a baby who isn't feeling well and needs a bit of liquid/nourishment.


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