These funny pets will remind you of your kids

These funny pets will remind you of your kids

Strangely enough, pets have more in common with your kids than you might initially think.

Pets and kids have a lot more in common than you might think, and these funny pets show exactly just that.

1. These cute pugs think they're cosplaying as the avengers.

2. Yep, even cats torment their younger siblings

3. Kids act just like this when they're eating pizza

4. And this is what we wish kids act like when they're eating broccoli

5. Is the dog imitating the baby or is the baby imitating the dog?

6. Yup, this is exactly how kids play hide-and-seek

7. All he needs now is a bedtime story and a warm cup of milk.

8. We'll be waiting until this cat can learn some actual scooter tricks.

9. Yeah, you shouldn't really annoy your big brother.

10. Aww, that's just the sweetest thing ever.


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Jan Alwyn

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