Why parents-to-be should attend Gina Yong’s breastfeeding talk

Why parents-to-be should attend Gina Yong’s breastfeeding talk

If you're a first-time mum and new to breastfeeding, do consider attending one of Gina Yong's talk! They're a lifesaver, literally.

As a first-time mum, I was anxious to be fully prepared as I journey into motherhood. After hearing all the challenges that come with breastfeeding, I was ever more convinced that I needed the know-how and training.

That’s when I found out about a talk specially dedicated to breastfeeding by Gina Yong, a breastfeeding counsellor who has been helping mums since 2002 (you can do the math). Obviously, hubby and I signed up - pronto.


Let’s talk about our boobs for suckling babes

It was refreshing to be greeted with eager mums and dads, waiting to fill their minds and hearts with all the right tools to move forward in the parenting game. This is a great place to meet other first-time mums who may have a due date that that’s close to yours -- pregnancy buddies anyone?

Whatever your reasons are…

I went to the class wanting to change my hubby’s mind about breastfeeding, because he is pretty impartial, thinking formula is just as good. “Most babies from Europe are on it, so what’s wrong with it”. Actually, we both grew up on formula and we came out just fine. So what’s the harm, right? Wrong!

I wanted him to appreciate the beauty and the numerous benefits of breastfeeding. Gina revealed nifty tips and tricks amidst very profound facts. It was truly an eye-opener for the two of us.

What I loved about the talk…

Keep in mind that this is a session that is wholly dedicated to breastfeeding and nothing else. It is unlike other antenatal classes, which combines a myriad of other topics, squeezing time and making it impossible to delve in depth about crucial subtopics of breastfeeding like: how to overcome or avoid common problems, maintaining a healthy supply and even how dad can be part of this wonderful experience. You get the full works for this course.

You can look forward to a very down-to-earth expert, baring her heart and sharing her own inspiring journey (that isn’t without painful obstacles). It helps that Gina is naturally entertaining with genuine anecdotes that will make you chuckle or even blush. She holds nothing back, much to our delight.

Who should attend

Parents-to-be who need that extra bit of confidence and who wish to be empowered with knowledge to arm themselves before BABY arrives.

I have yet to try out the tricks dished out by Gina during the session but soon my baby too will be here! Ah yes, you’ll get a copy of her book Love Breastfeeding in your goodie bag, in case you did not take notes or like me, happened to be inflicted with a compelling case of pregnancy brain (a convenient excuse in many situations).

I had no regrets attending the talk. I walked away filled with very useful info that I did not get from scouring the web for breastfeeding articles. For RM250 per couple, your hubby can get more than an inkling of what happens in the whole breastfeeding process and how to support you in this amazing journey.

For more info about the talk or to get in touch with Gina, visit www.facebook.com/ginayongBFC/ or simply drop her an email at [email protected]

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