How to conceive a baby boy

How to conceive a baby boy

If you’re hoping to add a cute baby boy to your family, here are some tips that could help you reach your goal!

When asked what gender expectant couples prefer for their baby, the reply is usually that gender doesn’t matter – as long as the baby is healthy.

While gender shouldn’t determine the love you have for your baby, there are times when you’d love a little boy – for instance, if you have a girl and you want to create some balance in the home.

The theory on how to conceive a baby boy

how to conceive a baby boy

Is there a surefire way on how to conceive a baby boy? | Image source: Unsplash

There are different ways to affect our ability to conceive a baby with a certain gender. This ranges from the type of food we eat to get a baby girl, or even eating specific fruit to help us conceive a baby boy! But is there any scientific proof behind these tactics?

Well, according to Dr Shettles, there is! In his best-selling book, “How To Choose the Sex of your Baby”, he writes that male and female sperm have different traits. Importantly, studies indicated that male sperm is smaller, weaker, but faster than female sperm. In fact, female sperm was found to be more resilient and remained in a woman’s body longer.

5 tips on how to conceive a baby boy

how to conceive a baby boy

Follow these tips on how to conceive a baby boy | Image source: Shutterstoc

With these details in mind, there are some tips you can implement if you’re planning to start your family and want a baby boy! 


1. Know your cycle

Anyone trying to conceive baby boy is generally finely tuned into their cycle. But when you’re hoping for a boy, it is even more important. The key to conceiving a boy is to do the deed close to your ovulation.

As Dr Shettles points out, male-producing sperm (Y-chromosome) moves faster than female sperm. Male sperm also dies pretty fast, while female-producing sperm (X-chromosome) can stick it out and take their time hooking up with the egg. If you have made love close to ovulation, you give the male sperm a better opportunity to get there first.

Useful Tip:  Listen to your body. During mid-cycle, you may get sticky, egg-white discharge (cervical mucus) indicating that ovulation is about to take place within 1-2 days. Some women can even feel a twinge of pain where your ovaries should be at the moment that the egg is released.

2. The Chinese gender chart

Using the Chinese gender chart is another helpful tip that has been used for centuries – so much so that this method has been claimed to be 99% accurate.

The Chinese gender chart combines the mother’s age and the month in which she hopes to conceive to determine the baby’s gender. Working backwards, you can determine the best month in which to conceive in order to become pregnant with a boy.

3. How deep is your love? Try different sex positions

how to conceive a baby boy

Try deeper penetration if you’re asking how to conceive a baby boy| Image source: Shutterstock

If you want to conceive baby boy, you need to bid farewell to the missionary position and get a bit more creative.  This is in line with Dr Shettles’ method, which prescribes the most effective natural method for gender selection by combining the woman’s cycle, sexual position and timed intercourse. 

Basically, deeper penetration gives male sperm a running start, since they will be closer to the uterus. And in a foot (or sperm) race, the male sperm should outrun (or rather, outswim) the female sperm.

Although this doesn’t sound too romantic in theory, it can mean for more intimate intercourse

Trying the Doggy Style can allow for deeper penetration, and is often recommended by many as the best sex position when trying to conceive a baby boy.

You could also experiment with sex while standing up. Many believe that male sperm do well against gravity since they have to swim faster to reach the egg. Consider leaning against a wall for balance, or asking your partner to lift you up.

Another sex position for deep penetration is straddling. With your partner lying on a bad or sat up, you lower yourself onto him. Because you are on top,  you are able to control the depth of penetration.

Although the Shettles method is said to be 75% effective, Canadian registered nurse, Pat Buie, included the Shettles method into her gender selection plan, and claims a 95% success rate.

4. Create the right environment

how to conceive a baby boy

Green smoothies go a long when when planning how to conceive a baby boy | Image source: Unsplash

Male-producing sperm thrives in an alkaline environment, so create it for them by following a healthy diet:

  • Have a fresh green smoothie daily
  • Eat loads of alkaline fruits and veggies.
  • Avoid processed foods and sugar.

According to a study mentioned by WebMD, it was found that mums-to-be who enjoyed breakfast cereal and potassium-rich diets tend to conceive baby boys.  However, experts cautioned that it was unclear whether the increased calories or the potassium that had the result.

It is also worthwhile to note that an orgasm changes the pH levels in your body, so this is a good opportunity to put yourself first by encouraging your husband to help you climax first.

5. Buy your man some boxers

Boxers are cooler than briefs, allowing the male-parts to hang free and keeping the sperm at just the right temperature.

He also shouldn’t take very hot baths or sit with his laptop on his lap, as that will also warm up the sperm, causing them to move slowly and the male sperms may not survive to make it to the egg.

While this method is recommended for overall fertility, it is particularly beneficial for the weaker Y-sperms.

6. Give the man a caffeine boost!

While there’s no scientific evidence, many women swear by making their men coffee before sex.  Perhaps the caffeine in the coffee helps speed the sperms towards the finish line. According to Dr. Shettles, a strong cup of coffee for your man just before you “get busy” can help the Y-chromosomes to become more active.


7. Female orgasms can lead to conceiving a baby boy!

Many hold the popular belief that female orgasms contribute a lot towards the conception of a baby boy. The theory goes that an alkaline secretion is released into the vagina when an orgasm happens. By doing so, male sperm increases the chances of survival.

How gender selection works to conceive baby boy

how to conceive a baby boy

This is how gender selection works when planning how to conceive a baby boy | Image source: Pixabay

A mother is genetically XX, and will contribute an X chromosome to the baby. The father is XY, and can therefore contribute either an X or Y chromosome. Since each parent contributes half of the baby’s DNA, the sperm is the deciding factor when it comes to determining the sex of the baby.

During intercourse, more than 200 million sperms are ejaculated, consisting of a mixture of both X and Y chromosomes. One of which will hopefully make your uterus its home.

While there is no guarantee, apart from modern medical methods that offer a high degree of probability, these natural methods do make sense and people swear by it.

Even if it doesn’t work, you will have fun trying – and even if you don’t conceive a boy, you will still love a baby girl deeply.

Do you have other tried-and-tested methods for conceiving a baby boy? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!

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