How to romance your man

How to romance your man

Passion and intimacy will not leave the love nest if you know how to follow these sizzling romance gestures.

Malay couple in loveMarital bliss does not have to have a short shelf life. Love, sex, and romance may live long even after a decade or so of living under the same roof. Keep the spark alive and the fires burning hot by learning to embrace these tips.

Do the unconventional

Bring him breakfast in bed. When he is at work, text him how hot you think he is. Leave a surprise gift or token on his dashboard. When he least expects him, give him a passionate kiss even if it is in public. Slip on to your sexiest lingerie even on a regular evening. You get the picture…

Make it happen

If he has been constantly talking about something he wants to buy or do or accomplish, go the extra mile to make it real. Whether it is his very own man cave in any available spot in your house or just a new set of wheel rims, it is going to be worth it.

Paint the town red

Hire a nanny for your little one so you can meet at a hotel and have an evening all for you and your husband alone.

Kind words go a long way

You can dedicate your blog to your husband, if you have one. You can even write a mushy love letter if that is your thing. But magic words like “thank you”, “please”, “I appreciate your…” even for just one whole day can drive your man crazy.

Savory bites are irresistible

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so they say. Create a new dish and name it after him. Make sure that it is something really palatable for him. Or you can just make a deluxe version of his favorite meal.

Stay in bed

Schedule a day when you don’t have to go to work or attend to any house chores so you can cuddle up with each other and do whatever you want. Walk around the room (or around the house, if it is possible to do so) in your birthday suit and have food, drinks, and sex galore.

Offer him time off

Be smart enough to let him enjoy his hobbies or weirdness without feeling guilty. If he has to finish 18 holes the whole day, so be it. He wants to meet up with his best pals at the bar, no problem. Just make the most out of the long leash you’ve granted him so it won’t create any stress on your relationship.

Pay attention

When he talks, give him all ears. Gaze lovingly without breaking eye contact. Caress his hand while you let him do all the talking. It will make him feel good for being the dominant talker even for just that moment.

Pamper him

But instead of giving him a gift certificate to the local spa center, add your special touch to it. Give him a luxurious pedicure or body massage. Prepare a romantic bubble bath complete with rose petals, candles, and champagne.

Always reassure him

Let him know you are in for the long haul whatever dollar figure he has in his savings account; that you are proud of what he is doing and what he can become; and that you love him even if is sometimes being a jerk after a rough day at work.



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