Want to boost your child’s immune system? Here are 5 expert tips for you

Want to boost your child’s immune system? Here are 5 expert tips for you

As a parent, you are probably all-too-familiar with coughs, colds and the occasional fever. Children are vulnerable to the onset of many common illnesses because their immune system is still developing. And to make matters worse, schools, daycare centres and playgrounds are hotbeds for viral diseases. It all takes a toll not only on children’s health and growth but also on their studies. But there’s no need to fear. Kids can fight back with a stronger immune system. Here are five ways you can give your child’s immune system the boost it needs.

Our immune system is the body’s amazing shield against illness. It protects us against a constant barrage of elements that can make us sick. Most healthy babies are born with a certain amount of immunity against these pathogens. As they grow older, kids acquire more immunity as they are exposed to these pathogens (by getting infections) or in a much more subdued form, through vaccines. It is up to the parents to increase child immunity and here is the main reason.  

And that is why it is not uncommon to see tots in daycare or school-going children falling sick time and again. Runny noses, constant colds, recurrent cases of flu and gastrointestinal infections are common in young children. And you, mums, are, without doubt, a veteran of caring for your kids when they succumb to these illnesses.

According to a study, almost one in four preschoolers in Singapore suffer from rhinitis. In 2017, we saw a major outbreak of Influenza at a school in Singapore, with 72 children suffering from it. Controlling such outbreaks is not easy. However, you can definitely do something to help your child.

The main reason why children repeatedly fall prey to these common ailments is a weak immune system. If parents can improve their children’s immune system, their children’s bodies will be strong enough to fight back against infections and illnesses whenever they encounter them.

A sick child suffers not only in terms of health and growth but also in their studies. They miss classes and run the danger of falling behind. Also, being more sick means less playtime for them – and playtime is the cornerstone of every young child’s learning.

It’s time to take proactive steps towards strengthening your child’s immunity. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So instead of filling the medical cabinet up with cold and cough syrups, here are five ways in which you can help boost your child’s immune system:

Increase Child Immunity

Increase child immunity | Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits go a long way in building immunity. A balanced diet will help your child grow better. Fresh fruits, and adequate proteins and vitamins are essential for building immunity. Finally, drinking water is equally important – something children often forget!

Increase child immunity | Ensure quality sleep time

Sleep is when the children grow! So, lots of restful sleep is essential for children. Sleeping too little or too much, later than usual, or in noisy environments can have adverse effects on your child’s health. So, tuck those gadgets away and ensure that your child gets a good night’s rest.

Increase child immunity | Hygiene is crucial!

Hygiene is important in maintaining healthy immunity. Parents must teach good hygiene habits early. Common infections are passed on through toys, coughing, sneezing, and a general lack of hygiene.

Increase child immunity | Quit smoking!

Aside from being carcinogenic, smoking in the presence of children makes them more vulnerable to respiratory problems and middle ear infections. It’s best to quit the habit completely. Smoking leaves residue on the carpets, walls, and your clothes, and these toxins can harm your children as well.

Increase child immunity | Nutritional supplements

Parents know that it can be challenging to provide a balanced diet for children. They go through many phases of likes and dislikes, and mums are often left with no choice than to let them eat what they like just so they eat at all. Thankfully, we have nutritional supplements like Chewies gummy

With a patented Wellmune© formula, Chewies helps by providing the necessary vitamins and micronutrients to your child, boosting his immunity. The Immunolicious Gummies come in three yummy flavours, and children just love its fun shape– it feels less like medicine and more like candy!

Mums, if your child’s immune system is strong, you don’t have to worry about your children falling sick so often, and they can play more and perform better in school. So visit our online store today to find out more on the right supplement to boost your child’s immunity: https://shopee.com.my/chewies

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