Man catches cheating girlfriend instead of ghost

Man catches cheating girlfriend instead of ghost

An Australian father who set up video equipment hoping to watch spirits at play instead found his cheating girlfriend and with another guy at play (sex play that is!). You would not believe who she was fooling around with - find out here!

Signs your partner is cheating

Check out what are the scary signs that your partner is cheating on you

The Australian man who set up video cameras in hopes of recording paranormal activity ended up catching his girlfriend having sex with his son (from another marriage)!

Perhaps the 28-year-old woman was somewhat possessed when she told Tasmania’s Supreme Court that she thought the age of consent was 16, when it is actually 17 there. She ended up pleading guilty to 5 counts of having sex with a young person.

She will be sentenced this week.

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Spooky going-ons

The woman said that she had been dating the man for 11 years, which makes it all either rather mysterious (or downright ridiculous). This means she herself was 17 when they started dating, and she had known the son as a child. Gives new meaning to the term cradle robber!

The woman had gone to her young lover’s room in October 2012 last year to discuss his driving lessons, Crown Prosecutor Jackie Hartnett said. The Tasmanian Mercury quotes her as saying, “Although we had previously had a strained relationship, tickling led to kissing and then to intercourse.”

She now claims to be embarrassed and ashamed by her conduct, and the couple have split. There is no news as to whether the man is still trying to capture paranormal activity, and it is not known if he has offers for his frightening, accidentally filmed sex-tape.

Scary cheating signs

1. She’s no longer as clingy

Someone else could be filling your shoes, among other things, is she no longer needs you to escort her on errands that previously absolutely needed your company.

2. She’s as cool as a cat

Where she previously threw a tantrum at your smallest misdemeanor or you forgetting an important date, she now says, “It’s okay dear.” She’s reserving her passion for her new mate.

3. She’s become a secret agent

She is VERY careful with her phone and computer and everything is password protected, and even when you do hack into her system, the history is always wiped clean.

4. She answers questions with questions, and repeats your statements.

She apparently thinks she is no longer important and all the conversations are always about you and what you have done. No need to accidentally give something away then.

5. She pleasures you, but not in bed

She starts overcompensating and rains niceties, gifts and compliments on you. Just her guilt at work,

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Man Sets Up Camera to Catch Ghosts But What He Finds Is Even Scarier

Ghost Hunting Dad Sets Up Video Camera, Films His Girlfriend Having Sex With His Underage Son

Man Catches Wife Instead Of Ghost

Signs You Have A Cheating Wife

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