Is your baby crying too much?

Is your baby crying too much?

How do I know if my baby is crying too much? Find out the answer to your question here.

Is your baby crying too much?

Crying is a normal routine for newborns. In fact, it should not come as a surprise that the amount of crying adds up as weeks or months pass by. But after 6 weeks of age, you should notice an eventual decrease in all the fussing. By this time around, you would be more familiar with your baby’s habits and body schedule. This would help you determine what to do when your baby cries.

However, some babies still cry too much even after their caregiver has done everything to soothe them. And since babies have a limited way to communicate their needs, not being able to provide for it is quite frustrating or upsetting. Nonstop wailing can drive a parent up to the wall and cloud his/her judgment, it can make him/her do something that is unreasonable such as shaking their baby, putting the baby at risk. This can result in Shaken Baby Syndrome is a very common and extremely dangerous condition that can happen to any baby regardless of gender, socio-economic level, race, and country.

What is Purple Crying?

Countless stories can be heard from first-time moms and even the seasoned ones, relating their frustration, fear, and weariness when their babies cry too much. All of them suspect that there is at least one or more reasons that contribute to all these fussing and wailing. What most of them don’t understand is that it is a completely normal phase in the baby’s development.

Medical professionals call this developmental stage of a baby the Period of Purple Crying. This is a period in an infant’s life when there is increased crying. Doctors call this colic although there is nothing to be alarmed of about this word. It is neither an abnormal condition nor an illness. That is why there is a Purple Crying campaign going on in the internet that is helping raise the awareness of parents and caregivers about this normal developmental phase in a baby’s life.

It was named Purple Crying not because the baby turns purple due to excessive and/or repetitive crying throughout the day. Each letter from the word ‘PURPLE’ stands for the following:

P – peak of crying

All the fussing and wailing seems to increase as time passes by. From birth up to 6 weeks, this would be the case but from 3 months up, it may steadily decrease.

U – unexpected

Crying becomes unpredictable and you are at a loss as to the exact reason why.

R – resists soothing

The baby refuses to be comforted or is not content with your soothing style no matter what.

P – pain-like face

It looks like he or she is in a lot of pain even if there is nothing that would cause this.

L – long lasting

The baby’s incessant crying can last up to five or more hours each day.

E - evening

The baby cries more from late afternoon until the evening.

How do I deal with Purple Crying?

It is actually a relief that medical professionals have the exact words to describe what most parents and caregivers have to endure when they have a crying baby. Colic has negative connotations and nobody wants to think that there is something wrong with their baby.

While some parents and caregivers do not feel comfortable leaving the baby cry on its own, it is more advisable to take a breather if all the fussing and wailing is getting too much on the nerve. Putting the baby in a safe and loving environment is of utmost priority. You cannot do this when your head is already aching and you are almost out of your wits because of the incessant crying. Sit down for a moment or leave the room and take deep breaths before going back to calm your baby once again.



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Article written by Beulah Joy Lejano.

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