Little Chef, Big Heart

Little Chef, Big Heart

7 year old Leah Choy is a little chef who has baked 13,500 cupcakes over 2 years, all to raise funds for her little sister Adele's treatment.

7 year old Leah Choy is a little chef with a bigger heart and greater determination than most. Over the course of 2 and a half years she has baked 13,500 cupcakes, all to fund her little sister Adele's treatment.

According to their mother Tay Mei Yean, Adele was diagnosed with microcephaly, a birth defect which causes incomplete brain development, when she turned 2 months old. To help maximise her brain potential, Adele has to make trips over to the Institute of the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) in Pennsylvania once every six months for assessments.

Leah, who always loved helping in the kitchen, was motivated to improve her baking skills because of her love for Adele. She often says she loves her sister more than herself, so at the tender age of 4 and a half years old, she suggested that the family start selling the products of their kitchen to raise money for Adele.

“Leah started helping her grandma in the kitchen since she was about 2. Like any typical Malaysian, she loves her food and is always very intrigued by how food is prepared. I must thank my mum for instilling that cooking interest in her," shares Mei Yean.

The little chef runs Facebook store Chef leah with a big heart, taking orders and commissions for baked treats. To date, Leah has raised close to RM40,000 for her sister's trips and treatments. In fact, the family is able to travel to IAHP for the 6th round of Adele’s treatment, thanks partly to Leah’s hard work.

This hardworking little girl plans, designs, shops for, bakes and decorates all her work so she does get tired at times. But the amazing Leah says "Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there's always time."

We adults could all learn something from amazing little Chef Leah!

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