12-year-old murdered his sister

12-year-old murdered his sister

A 12-year-old boy in the US has been charged with the murder of his 8-year-old sister. He supposedly fooled investigators for two weeks before they charged him, but his parents still refuse to accept his alleged crime.

Did a brother murder his sister?

Did a brother murder his sister? Find out below.

The victim, Leila, was received multiple stab wounds, by what her brother described as a tall, muscular man who had broken into their home. This sparked a massive manhunt that lasted 15 days and even when into 2 nearby reservoirs. As reported by LA Times, authorities in Calaveras County finally turned their sights on to the brother, but refused to divulge why.

Barney Fowler, the sibling’s father had this to say, “Until they have the proper evidence to show it’s my son, we’re standing behind him. If they have the evidence, well, that’s another story. We’re an honest family.”

A depressed child

How do you recognise symptoms that your child in experiencing mental disturbances that would lead to possible violent outcomes? None of us want to even think about something like this happening to our own children, but we need to know the signs to look for. Some of these include:

  • Moodiness and unhappiness without reason
  • Temper tantrums that are violent and result in uncontrolled physical actions
  • Problems with school – friends, studies and general negative social behaviours such as intimidation and destructiveness.
  • Uncaring attitudes towards self-care – health, cleanliness etc.
  • Sleep disturbances and nightmares

All these should be taken seriously and if continued for any length of time, should result in an immediate consultation with your health care provider. Better to be safe than sorry. Remember to ensure privacy for your child, and do not engage in any actions that would affect your child’s self-esteem and confidence.

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When a child lies

Another very clear indicator of mental trauma and problems in children is when they start lying, often, carefully and very obviously. They attentive parent will realise very quickly that it is not just child-like innocence at play, but a clear signal of a shout for help.

Children who are facing problems that cut across all aspects of their life at home, school and play WILL start lying quickly, to cover for their mistakes and wrong behaviours. Do not make the mistake many parents do of becoming defensive when teachers, friends’ parents complain or when too many contradictions start appearing in your child’s words.

These same events above are all indicators that your child is desperately trying to cover for what is perceived as mistakes and inadequacies. They will snowball quickly, and your child will start exhibiting some of the following behaviours when the only escape route is to lie.

  • Spending more time alone in his room or space
  • Stammering and thinking too long before answering questions, and with fluctuating voice volume and tone
  • Answering questions with questions, or repeating statements you make
  • Not wanting to look at you in the eye, and fidgeting when talking

They might be innocent behaviours associated with exploration to determine what the limits are, but again, prolonged negative behaviours are THE thing. Most of all, if your parent radar goes up and your intuition starts screaming like an alarm gong, PAY ATTENTION!

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Brother, 12, stabs younger sister to death

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