"Mom More Milk" Lactation Product Review

"Mom More Milk" Lactation Product Review

Mummies, have you tried any milk boosters lately? Let us know what works best for you!

My first experience with Mom More Milk was back in 2014 when I had my second daughter. I was browsing around on Facebook and stumbled upon an advertisement for lactation cookies and was intrigued. After reading about the premium organic ingredients she uses in her products, I ordered it straight away.

When my order came, I was surprised because in the box were brownies and not the cookies I ordered. When I contacted Zarina (the owner and baker of Mom More Milk), she apologized profusely and said she would send the correct order ASAP. So the bag of brownies I received was FOC!


Each brownie was individually packed to prevent them from sticking to one another. Then they were bagged again into a ziplock bag before being packed securely into a box and sent via Poslaju to you. I received the Jumbo Bag order and there were 25 pieces in there altogether. The product arrived in great condition.


Results for the Super Pumping Lactation Brownies

I’m half loving the fact that the brownies were individually packed because greedy me needs to refrain from snacking on more than one at a time. Not too sweet, but still so satisfying from the natural sweetness of the dates she put in there, that it is really hard to stop at one. Moist, chocolate-y and tastes amazing, I kid you not. It’s been 2 years since I last had one and I can still remember those brownies today.


“Ok… I gotta admit.. Those brownies are truly something. If you see my feeding and express schedules then see the yield after.. Hmmmssss!!! #lactation #brownies #breastfeeding Oh and the seller has so graciously set these brownies as FOC and I’m receiving my correct order of cookies on Monday. Life is good!”

Day-10 Post Delivery: all-in-a-days-pumping and snacking on those brownies.

Day-10 Post Delivery: all-in-a-days-pumping. Lower yield was with direct latch in between. These brownies have just become my happy brownies.

My Order Arrived on Monday as Promised

Zarina gets an A+ for service that’s for sure. My milk boosting cookies arrived as promised! When she heard I was donating fresh EBM to another baby, she graciously snuck in a couple more of her yummy brownies along with my order. How awesome is that?


Again packaging wise, the cookies came individually packed just like the brownies and 22 of them (Jumbo Bag again because I believe in going all the way) were packed into a ziplock bag and boxed up. Very minimal crumbles and the cookies were intact when I received them.

Verdict for the Oats & Hershey’s Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies

Soft cookies is the word and you can really taste the oat in there. The little specks of chocolate chip that peep out here and there just crying out to be eaten. I always have my confinement lady make a tall glass of milo and I would enjoy one or two of these after pumping.

Day17 - Yield just from one side

Day17 – Yield just from one side

Almost 40 packs of Fresh EBM and Frozen EBM donated to another baby

Almost 40 packs of Fresh EBM and Frozen EBM donated to another baby before I slowly tapered off the electric pump and reverted back to direct latch.


I’m sure some of you may think why spend money when breastfeeding is all in the mind? Maybe the cookies and brownies are a placebo effect?

Honestly, I don’t really care so much about all these details. Those cookies and chocolate brownies made me happy – at times really happy. And sometimes, that is really all I need after a long day juggling a preschooler and a newborn, power pumping and sleepless nights. Yes, I agree it is all in the mind: for you to WANT to breastfeed. But sometimes it’s the little pick-me-ups like this, that really help a person pull through the day. Besides, we all know that in a relax state, your body will produce more milk.

So if it helps me that way, why not?

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