Mum who weighed just 20kg gives birth to miracle baby

Mum who weighed just 20kg gives birth to miracle baby

Her cruel husband also deserted her once he found out about her condition...

The thought of giving birth might be a nerve-racking experience for some mums-to-be, especially if you’ve heard of scary birth stories. But one mum’s story will inspire you. This brave mother, suffering a debilitating disease, was determined to stay alive so she could birth her baby girl. 

The birth of a miracle…

We don’t know the mother’s name, but for the purpose of this story, we’d like to call her “Angel”. Reportedly, Angel weighed barely 20kg even during her pregnancy. She struggled between life and death to see her little one, who she appropriately named Miracle. 

Angel has muscular dystrophy, a condition that degenerates the body’s muscles and which explains her very low body weight. But on top of this, she was also diagnosed with cervical hyperextension when she became pregnant with her second child. This made the pregnancy extremely dangerous to her. But even so, she still decided to go ahead with it. 
At one point in her pregnancy, Angel’s condition had deteriorated so far that treatment couldn’t help her anymore. She was unable to speak. All she could do was stare into the air helplessly while an oxygenating machine kept her breathing. 
When Angel finally reached the 32-week point of her pregnancy, doctors decided to bring little Miracle into this world. 

Angel was deserted by her cruel husband…

In addition to fighting a debilitating disease the mum had also been abandoned by her husband.  According to Miracle’s grandmother, Angel’s husband stopped caring for her after he knew about her condition. He even brought their first daughter to his mum’s home and lived as if his wife wasn’t alive anymore. 

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The mum was cared for by her grandmum in the hospital. | Image Source: feedytv screengrab

Fearless against death, she chose to give life

Angel’s mum shared that “She’s done it- she’s won. Miracle’s birth was a success – weighing as much as 1.8kg.”

The thought of welcoming Miracle into her family was in itself a miracle – she’d only thought that it would only happen in the wildest of dreams. 

“My daughter seemed to drift between life and death several times in order to save Miracle’s life. While taking care of her at hospital and seeing her still breathing everyday, I prayed that something good would happen to her and her baby. But now, she’s done it – my prayers have been answered, thank God,” says Miracle’s grandma.

“She loves her baby above everything else. Despite her near-death condition, all she wants to see is her baby born alive. Now, I just hope she will get better and stay strong to care for Miracle on her own. My cruel son-in-law hasn’t cared for them and he’s never even visited her in the hospital. I tried calling him several times, but was met with no response”.

Presently, Angel is still in hospital. Wish wish this fearless warrior mum and her Miracle all the very best. 

What is muscular dystrophy and how does it affect pregnancy?

Muscular dystrophy, or MD, is an umbrella term for a genetic disease with over 30 variants. The condition causes muscles to decline, such that patients become increasingly weak. The disease can also cause long-term or irreversible shortening of tendons and muscles.

MD is treated by focusing on the symptoms and easing them, such as via steroids, physical therapy, breathing machines and surgical procedures. What to expect from the disease depends on which variant the patient is affected with and how fast the muscles decline.

Pregnant women who suffer from MD may experience additional issues, including:

  • a higher risk of the child becoming affected by MD. Unborn babies can be checked for MD while they are still in the womb so that the disease can be managed better after delivery. 
  • ailing muscles in the abdomen, back and uterus, which are critical parts for a successful delivery. Pregnant women with MD may have to opt for a Caesarean section when giving birth.
  • issues with heart muscles – in which case experts advise against becoming pregnant. 

No matter which variant you’re affected with, a diagnosis of MD necessitates a team of medical professionals who can treat the disease – particularly for pregnant women when they are giving birth – so that both the mum and baby can receive the best care.


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