Prince William's Parenting Trick!

Prince William's Parenting Trick!

Check out Prince William's parenting trick below!

Check out this cute video of Prince William with little Prince George!

Did you notice that Prince William is always kneeling to talk to Prince George? It's not simply sweet, but it is also a cool parenting trick called "active listening" that can help children feel like what they are saying really matters. It gives them a self esteem boost and helps children become more confident in communicating!

When you think about it, it does make a lot of sense. After all no one likes talking to someone that they constantly have to look up at. It makes you feel unimportant, and definitely not an equal. So its only polite to speak eye-t0-eye with someone and that goes for the kids too.

Bending down to talk to your child lets them know:

I am listening to you
I care about what you are saying
You matter to me
You have my attention
I respect you
Nothing else is more important

Children who are raised to be seen and heard grow into adults who see and hear other people too.

So why not give it a try today?

Video sourced from Good Housekeeping Facebook page. 

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