(NSFW) Waterfall sex position to bring the passion back to your marriage

(NSFW) Waterfall sex position to bring the passion back to your marriage

Try out this new sex position to get the love machine going!

Looking for ideas on how to spice up your sex life even after kids? Try different sex positions and reignite the passion that started this entire relationship. We’re focusing in on the waterfall sex position today to turn you into an expert before your next bedroom experience!

The Waterfall sex position

This sex position may require a bit more flexibility either on his part or on your part. Let’s start with you on top. Get going by moving the action to the edge of the bed, let him recline with his head and shoulder draping off the bed—flowing onto the ground. Straddle him and as you pump him with your steady grinding, blood will rush to his head. It will be mind-blowing when he comes.

Flip the sex position

Have your man sit on a chair or on the bed while you ride him—slowly leaning back until your head rests on the cushion you have placed on the ground. Make sure your legs are wrapped around his torso so you won’t fall. Allow him to caress your breasts and let him take control with his rhythmic thrusting.

Use this option if your man is not too flexible, you’ll be rewarded by the head rush of blood flowing to your brains. Whooooosh! This sex position also lets his manhood press against the upper region of your vaginal wall, where a lot of nerve endings are. Enjoy!

sex position

You can try a variation of the waterfall position on a chair too!

Burn those calories while at it!

We have some tips for you in this area. Get wet; sweat and lose weight while you’re doing it! Keep in mind that if you want the burn, you’ve got to make the sex session last for at least 30 minutes. Don’t jump right into the nookie; that is a sure way to reduce calorie burning.

Explore and experiment for an exhilarating sexperience. Don’t just do the standard missionary. (We’re trying to help you by giving you new tips on sex positions from the Kama Sutra or other inspirational erotic manuals.)

A normal, no frills sexing time will burn 150 calories. Why not burn more? Use the stop and go rule, it will also lower cholesterol levels. With the oxygen supply in your body enhanced and blood circulation improved, why resist the urge? Your man will be one happy camper!

Did these tips on the waterfall sex position help? Do you have any other kind of sex position that you would like to share? We’d love to hear feedback from you! 

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