No More Face Masks? Shopee Increases Their Supply

No More Face Masks? Shopee Increases Their Supply

Face masks are a necessity now, but very difficult to find. Thankfully, Shopee is strengthening its face mask supply as companies in China are gradually resuming their operations.  

While groceries are constantly being stocked up, face masks are a necessity but difficult to find. Thankfully, Shopee is strengthening its face mask supply as companies in China are gradually resuming their operations.  

Regional Managing Director of Shopee, Ian Ho, said there has been an increase in the supply of face masks following the ban on export and tax relations on the product. 

"To further aid Malaysians, Shopee is working closely with manufacturers and distributors in our local and regional networks to offer convenient online access to face masks in the country.

"We now have both local and cross-border face mask sellers on our platform who are able to offer face masks in larger quantities and at better prices to end consumers," he said. 

Face mask prices decreases

As we know, the price of face masks have caused a stir following price hikes, which in turn, forced the government to impose a price ceiling. 

While Shopee does not dictate the price of goods on behalf of their sellers, Ian said they have been cautioned to exercise care and concern that these face masks are affordable to Malaysians. Furthermore, it was encouraged for buyers to report overpriced products through the app. 

"As a result, we have sellers on our platform offering boxes of 50 pcs 3-ply surgical face masks between RM60 and RM85, below the regulated retail ceiling price of RM100," he said. 

shopping online shopee

Meanwhile, here are some 3 key tips from Shopee when shopping for face masks or other essentials online:

Ian noted that there has been an increase in demand and purchases through the online platform for essentials such as diapers and toilet papers, while food items like Milo, cereal, as well as pasta. 

  • Read the product description and reviews from other buyers carefully before making a decision
  • Use the in-app Shopee Live Chat to verify prices and quantity and/or to obtain more information from sellers 
  • Stay away from and report overpriced masks. While Shopee proactively bans the sale of face masks that are sold above the regulated retail ceiling price, buyers are encouraged to report any overpriced products encountered to keep the online shopping environment fair. You can use the “Report This Product” function located at the top right corner of any product listing. 

Shopee is also taking precautions with its deliveries. Although a delay in shipment is expected, the platform is working with third-party logistics that have implemented safe delivery processes - this includes temperature checks for workers, drivers and rider, as well as the disinfection of warehouses and vehicles. 

When do you really need to use a mask?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to wear face masks constantly. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is advising people to wear masks wisely - here are some facts they have put out: 

  • You should only be wearing a mask if you are sick. If you are healthy, there is no need. 
  • If you have symptoms including coughing, breathing problems and/or sneezing, you need to use a mask, as well as seek medical attention.
  • If you are in quarantine or taking care of a suspected Covid-19 patient, please wear a mask when you are around them.

Do take note, that masks do not provide full protection against Covid.  You must always practice proper hygiene, especially washing and sanitising your hands. If you are going out of the home to get essentials, practice social distancing. 

With that being said, stay safe families! 

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