9 Snack Box Ideas For Your Preschooler

9 Snack Box Ideas For Your Preschooler

Revamping your preschooler's snack box for a new and exciting experience everyday. Here are some snack box ideas for your preschooler!

9 Snack Box Ideas For Your Preschooler, They'd Love It!

Sometimes getting the boring square cut sandwich or pre-bought bakery buns in your snack box can look pretty boring to a preschooler. So they come home with food unfinished leaving parents frustrated at wasted food.

Aside from packing their favourite food in, why not have some fun and jazz up their snack box a little?

  • Pick fruits that are colourful and eye catching
  • buy store bought snacks that come in smaller packaging
  • buy some bento tools and containers from Daiso branches all over KL
  • plenty of examples on the webpages, Pinterest and YouTube even
  • most important of all, just to have fun - there are no set rules for creativity.

Here are some of the snack box ideas I have prepared so far:

snack box ideas

Chocolate chip pancakes, wedge of apple and heart shaped cheddar cheese.

snack box

Cheese sandwich, grapes and oranges.

healthy lunch box ideas

See the colour pop even when it is just simple steamed corn slathered with butter with a side of strawberries.

lunch box ideas for toddlers

Hard boiled egg, cucumber sticks, apple hearts, biscuits and cheese dip.

snack box ideas for toddlers

Organic chicken sausages, quail's eggs, broccoli, carrots, bread and grapes

lunch box snack ideas for preschool

Chicken, Kailan stem and tomato pasta, blueberries, Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Wafers.

healthy and quick snacks recipes

Sausage bread roll covered in #1 bunny looking cheese slice, #2 trying-to-look-like-a-seal seaweed.


Cheese sandwiches, carrots, Oreos and apples.


Ok, even I would admit this is a tad extravagant for a 3 year old - garlic pan fried prawns on a bed of salad with strawberries, endamame and blueberries.

You might recognise the purple lunch box above and yes, it is a Yumbox. Yumbox is leak proof and it's pre-portioned illustrated trays guide you to packing healthy and hassle-free lunches and snacks.

This is a US product but we do have retailers in Malaysia. Of course any regular snack box would do the trick and you don't really need to spend so much on a lunchbox like Yumbox. But if you are thinking of packing a lot of individual sauce-y things like dhals and oily rotis, the Yumbox can come in handy.

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