Halal Snacks For Kids When Traveling Abroad

Halal Snacks For Kids When Traveling Abroad

Here are some certified halal snack options your toddler can enjoy.

It is approaching end of the year and some of you may already have a holiday planned already.

Halal food and snacks can be hard to find when you’re traveling to another country. Do forgive me for my lack of knowledge in this area since I eat mostly non-halal food.

I thought it would be more beneficial to feature countries like Japan, Korea and HongKong where halal snacks could be scarce. If you happen to run out of snacks for your toddler, here are some options of what you can buy, if you get to pit stop at any convenience store, 7 – Eleven or grocery stores.


If you’re touring, and your toddler doesn’t mind having plain bread.


Cereals for some crunch?


Or something a little closer to home, like crackers.


To see more halal food, visit here. There is also this list of Muslim friendly snacks to try while in Japan, but some may require you to partake at your own discretion.

South Korea

Korea’s version of Cheerios?


image credit : KoreaHalal

How about some flavoured milk? There are so many to choose from and their packaging is so eye-catching!

image credit : havehalalwilltravel.com

image credit : havehalalwilltravel.com

Bread again? Maybe with some butter from the mini packs you swiped off the breakfast buffet spread earlier?


image credit : KoreaHalal

To see more halal food, visit here. South Korea also launched an app providing details of halal eateries for their Muslim tourists.

Hong Kong

I couldn’t find that many toddler friendly snacks to recommend that was halal, but I did find this!

image credit : havehalalwilltravel.com

image credit : havehalalwilltravel.com

Surely no visit to Hong Kong is complete without trying their dim sum. I am aware this isn’t a snack and is more like a binging spree, but I’m sure the food would be soft enough for toddlers to enjoy, especially their soft fluffy “baos“. At Islamic Centre Canteen they serve authentic halal dimsum and you’ll find almost every type of dim sum available.

image credit : AspirantSG

image credit : AspirantSG

You’re welcome.

There are also a couple more places you can visit for more morsels, but I figured if you are travelling with a toddler who is in between solids, chances are you could get porridge at a dim sum joint.

There’s also Hong Kong Good Shops that have Halal mooncakes if you’re interested. They also sell cheese sticks and butter cookies that your toddler can enjoy.


The Islamic community has prepared this list of certified shops and restaurants you can check out. But if your trip to Hong Kong is to take the kids to Disneyland, fret not, they also have restaurants that can cater for you and your family.


Whenever in doubt, there is always the Scan Halal app. You can scan and type barcodes in and compare against a database of halal food that is safe to consume. This app is available for AppStore and GooglePlay:


Just install the app before you leave, then kick back and enjoy your holidays!

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