Ten times Amitabh Bachchan taught us life lessons!

Ten times Amitabh Bachchan taught us life lessons!

Here are 10 movies where Amitabh Bachchan went beyond the concept of entertainment and taught us all real world values!

Amitji ko kaun nahi jaanta! He is one of the most recognised faces and voices in the film industry for the last four decades. We grew up admiring him, imitating him, venerating him! But there is a reason why all of this happened!

Amitabh Bachchan stood up for a cause in most of his movies, be it Vijay Verma, the coolie who stands up for the right of other porters to inspector Vijay Khanna, the no-nonsense cop who won our hearts in Zanjeer.

Here are the movies that inspired a generation, and you should definitely watch with your kids!

1# Anand (1971)

The serious Dr Bhaskar Banerjee tries really hard to save the life of Anand Saigal, who wants to live his life to the fullest till the inevitable happens.


This touching story should be enjoyed with teenagers, who would learn valuable lessons about friendship and about helping others.

2# Zanjeer (1973)

"Yari hai imaan mera yaar meri jindagi!"

I would love it if my son sings this song instead of 'Chaar bottle Vodka!"


Watch it with your kids and they will understand why you admire Pran as much as you admire Amitabh.

3# Deewar (1975)

'Mere paas maa hai!'

This dialogue is famous even today, after 40 years! How the relationship between two brothers, separated by education affects the family is beautifully portrayed.


This is a serious one, so catch this when your kids are in a good mood!

4# Chupke Chupke (1975)

The same year, this 'professor of botany', I mean literature, won our hearts in this light role. The angry young man image was shed for a soft-spoken professor's role.


Watch this with elder kids and let them see how to woo someone the right way!

5# Sholay (1975)

And, the angry young man is back!

Jai and Veeru to a jodi is like Bisleri to bottled water!


Let your kids get the subtle message of sacrificing for friendship through this classic! They will also know what the hype about the famous Gabbar Singh is really about!

6# Amar, Akbar, Anthony (1977)

If there was a film packed with social messages in this era, Amar Akbar Anthony would be it.

Amar Akbar

Watch this with your kids to teach them the values of selflessness, something never seen in today's movies.

7# Shaan (1980)

Well, this film was a rage back in the day! Kulbhushan Karbanda really rocked the character of Shakal.


But the bonds between family are beautifully portrayed, and I would like my kid to see this than movies like Golmaal (not the Amol Palekar one.)

8# Satte pe satta (1982)

This dysfunctional family of seven brothers have their adventures till they fall in love. However, there is a twist!

satte pe satta

Watch this one for entertainment as well as a sense of bonding between the brothers!

9# Shahenshah (1980)

This is a summation of all the angry man movies he did. However, the difference is that here, he tries to explore his options by acting to be a dirty cop.


Films featuring vigilantes are not the ideal ones for your kid, but this one is an exception!

10# Hum (1991)

This is a story of how an angry Union leader, Tiger, calms down to live the life of Shekhar, a respected man in the community.


This is again a story of sacrifice, but this also teaches something valuable: never take anything lying down!

Did we miss anything? which one was your favourite? Do let us know!

(Images: IMDB.com)



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