Top 7 baby friendly cafes in Malaysia

Top 7 baby friendly cafes in Malaysia

Are these some of your favourite cafes, mummies?

A baby friendly café in Malaysia means that it is a breastfeeding friendly café. Being a breastfeeding mother in conservative Malaysia, you’re continuously exposed to unwanted sexual attention and/or looks of disgust from generally, everyone else.

Cafes has since worked together with The Breastfeeding Advocates Group (TBAN) to provide a safe and clean environment for breastfeeding mothers so, they’re able to relax, enjoy a meal, a cuppa and not shy away from their breastfeeding responsibilities. More and more cafes all over Malaysia are turning breastfeeding friendly.

A simple yellow bow sticker means that the café/restaurant is certified breastfeeding friendly. You can check BFriendly Malaysia out for more information.

#1 Metal Q Caffe, Penang


A small, cosy café tucked in a row of shops, away from the bustling traffic, serves simple, hearty fares such pasta, burgers, sandwiches, cakes, coffee and tea.

If you’re nice enough to call them up 2 days before your visit, you can tell them what you feel like having and they will whip it up for you within their means. What makes this café special is that, it’s breastfeeding friendly, breastfeeding mummies get a free cup of tea/slice of cake and it changes every time.

#2 90 Degrees Café & Art, Kuantan

If you’re craving for some delicious salted egg hollandaise, fresh tiger prawns, snow peas and luscious poached kampung eggs coupled with fresh coffee, this is the place to go.


They have an impressive menu that consists of waffles, eggette, home made ice cream, all day breakfast, salads, sandwiches, home made wraps, tea by Gryphon Tea Company, milk tea, smoothies, juice and coffee. This place will accommodate breastfeeding moms with a private area for breastfeeding purposes.

#3 Moulmein Gourmet, Georgetown, Penang Island


This lovely café located in Georgetown on the Penang Island is a gem for breastfeeding mothers. They reward any breastfeeding mothers that breastfeed here with free homemade ice cream! They serve yummy Western fares such as, Grilled Salmon, Mushroom Chicken, pasta, and many more. The menu is akin to an average Western menu but the food is very well prepared.

#4 Paddingtons House of Pancakes, the Curve

Located in the popular township of Damansara, they serve an impressive 100 types of pancakes from all over the world. This place is breastfeeding friendly because they will provide breastfeeding moms a Lilie Pilie nursing apron to use if you’re breastfeeding. Their establishment is also roomy so it’s easy to accommodate strollers in there.

#5 Lorem Ipsum, Kuala Lumpur


Lorem Ipsum is your quintessential neighbourhood café for meet ups and art jamming sessions. It is serene, inviting and crowd free! They serve an array of delectable tarts, artisanal ice creams, keropok cili Kuantan, craft beers and they will soon introduce a hot menu which consists of Nasi kerabu and quinoa salad. They also hold Acrylic Painting, Calligraphy, Watercolor workshops and more.

#6 Morningwood, Selangor


Morningwood serves an assortment of fares from Japanese Curry rice, Beef Stew, pasta, cakes, salads, burgers, coffee and tea. They provide private areas for breastfeeding should you need to do so. They serve all types of coffee that would please any caffeine addict.

#7 Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Selangor

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 4.58.08 PM

This swanky café is beautiful minimalistic, modern and clean. It’s located around some offices so, it might not be so noticeable. They serve thoughtfully crafted sandwiches, hearty all day breakfast, soulful mains, comforting pasta, simply pancakes, easy salads, heartwarming soups, coffee spirits, chocolates and chai lattes. They are also certified breastfeeding friendly, just look out for the yellow bow sticker.

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