Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Stumped about what to get your significant others? Our gift guide will get you romantic-ready in a jiffy.

couple on a shopping spreeValentine’s Day is just around the corner and you are on a panic mode because you do not have the creativity or money to make it as sizzling as the previous one you had (or maybe just avoid having a monotonous, blah day). And with the time ticking, you don’t just want to break the bank to express your undying devotion. Let love fill the air with these perfect gift ideas whatever stage of coupledom you are in right now.

Specially For Him

Guys are more difficult to buy for than ladies. And they usually don’t go the mushy, gooey bandwagon. Still, it is the effort that really counts. Cross your fingers and hope that your knight in shining armour appreciates any one of these presents from you.

If he likes looking sharp, gift him a sharp-looking dress shirt, a nice coat, or a leather jacket that he can wear at work or on any regular day. Pick a colour of his choice. It doesn't have to be a designer’s dud but it has to be something that he will look as handsome or as hot as he already is.

If he longs for the summer breeze, organize a BBQ backyard date and prepare a gourmet version of his favourite burger. Or if the weather and your schedule permits it, go biking first. That will pump up his craving for that cheesy bacon-stuffed goodness you have assembled for him. Have that crunchy dill pickles ready by the side and make extra servings of baked French fries to satisfy him to the fullest.

For the shy bookworm that he is, buy him a novel from one of his favourite authors. If he is a movie buff, a Director’s Cut DVD of his favourite action flick or sci-fi thriller will do the trick. Better yet, nab a collector’s set featuring all 21 James Bond films. You’d be surprised how quick he will indulge in his spy fantasies.

For the passionate sports enthusiast in him, trade in his old water bottle for some classy insulated one that is BPA- and Phthalate-free or a pair of ultra-light compression socks to give him that extra support when doing his morning jog.

Especially For Her

Of course, your amore might be the classic flowers-chocolates-Tiffany’s box kind of gal. But it doesn't have to be always that redundant or expensive. You can declare your love with these two thumbs up valentine ideas.

If you’re taking her out on a date, go the extra mile and make it a romantic treasure hunt for her. Hide several notes in your favourite park with clues on it to lead her to the next one. At the end of the search, place a Teddy bear with her name on it or a love puzzle which she can unscramble to reveal your special message for her. Then take her to your fancy restaurant appointment and enjoy the rest of the evening.

If you are on the creative side, write her a poem and ask a co-worker to leave it on her desk. If you have the guts to do so, say your poem aloud in front of her officemates. Or, you can make lyrics from scratch and put it on music sheets. Roll and tie with a red ribbon. You can make your own recording and play it in the background while she is busy attending to her to-do list at home.

Your lady love has been an excellent multitasker for at least 365 days a year. One of the best gifts you can offer her is a day to herself. It is that once in a blue moon situation where she can do anything that she wants to do – have coffee or spa with a girlfriend, go shopping, or just lie in bed the whole day. Put a twist on it and have a ready list of luxurious activities she can get herself involved with all throughout the day, like, breakfast in bed or an aromatherapy massage session courtesy of none other but YOU. You can also let her not worry about picking up the kids later or the laundry out of the dryer.

If she is a homebody, you can watch her favourite movie together, with popcorn and soda. Better yet, order some scrumptious dessert from the local patisserie. A nice bottle of wine of her choice won’t be such a bad idea either.

Have you kissed your darling enough? Before you say goodnight, challenge her to a 15-minute kissing session. Surprise her with new ways to kiss in different places around her body. Have some chocolate syrup and whipped cream on hand. That will surely spice up the night.

Remember, romance and intimacy doesn't have to be difficult and expensive. The key to finding the perfect gift for your significant other is to know exactly what will make him/her smile. That’s where your game plan will revolve, no matter how little time or budget you may have.


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