When should my child start using a walker?

When should my child start using a walker?

At what age should children be put on a walker? Which brands are the best? Are they even necessary? Check out the answers here.

cute baby playing with ballMum Needs Help: Hi peepz, my daughter is 4mthr plus. Can i put her in a walker and whr cn i get gd walker...?


Lee Lee Ho:
i never let my son use any walker... i think not safe lo... unless someone watching over. yet he can walk fully before 1 year old, so not true if saying baby on walker can walk faster too.

En En Mummy:
I dun put my son so early in walker.i start using walker when he 6month or older

Qarairayyanjuri Ahmad:
well,i started putting my son in walker only wen he's 7 mths .. he only started like few weeks ago but true,u have to watch her over wenever she's in walker ..practically its not safe for 4 mths old i shld say

Hunny Castro:
you may put your baby in a walker when she can pull herself up already and stand while holding on to something. around 6 mos-7 mos. but i also didn't put my baby in a walker bec some doctors say it even delays the baby's ability to walk on her own. and it's dangerous esp when you can't monitor the baby while in a walker.

Sri Ikhsan:
yup i only put my baby in walker abt 6 mths.. but if u must put baby there, make sure some1 is watching n put pillows arnd the sit if not, the head will be 'flopping' to the front n make sure baby leg reach the floor if not it will b dangling no good for baby circulation...

Liyana Fadhil:
4mths is too lil to sit on a walkr..Prolly 7mths onwrds..n by right walker is not good for baby's development..dey might grow up walkg tip-toe like..cos dey learn to depend on d walker to walk thinkg dat only with a walkr den he/she is able to walk..as such it may delay baby's development..

Dawn Low:
its bad for the back development to put on walker at 4mths old. in fact, if you can avoid putting on walker as it does not necessary improve child's development in walking.

Amy Tan:
i did put my son in walker at 4 mths which i m going to do for my gal too. just that i will stuff an extra pillow infront to make it secure. :) but yes u must have supervision.

Sharifah Rozlina Aron:
4mths too early girl... Maybe 6 mths can try when the neck is stronger .

Vinisahliun Liun:
8 mth...

Ng Pauline:
too small to sit on walker...

Vinisahliun Liun:
baby land shop.

Sazlyn Haron:
Thanks All for ur feedback, appreciate it so much... Really great help... thx once agn... :)

Charmaine Chan Wei En:
Try not to use walker if possible . My kids turned out fine without using it

Marilyn Simon:
I started my daughter on the walker from 7 months, after consulting with her paed. But I disabled the wheels and used a walker with a base hooked so she can rest her legs. I only removed the base and enable the wheels from 9 months, after her legs are stronger and her paed gave the go ahead. If at all gonna start your kid on a walker, wait until she's able to sit on her own, her back is stronger then.

Sabrina Peng:
My pediatrician says not to put children in walkers. They have to learn how to use their trunk and legs to move. Using walker makes them lazy. 4mths is still very young.. Observe baby's neck control etc. U can put baby in swing which u can move ard when u move.

Grace Miranda:
If you think your daughter's legs are stiff enough to stand on her own its ok but no need for a hurry :)

Joeyinn Lim:
is better start on walker ard 6 mths onwards ~

Henny Lindawaty:
4 month is too early dear,,,must wait till ur baby 6month up,,

Niea Shah:
I did put my baby at 4mths plus. And she walked at 11mths. Its up to you i guess. But i honestly think its ok. She is very active now. Must see if her neck is strong and not fragile. Supervision is needed.:)

Jacqueline Wong:
What's the urgency to put on a walker... Personally, I dun fancy walker

Alexandra Low:
No walker for all 3 children :)

Jo-Ann Hernandez:
i've experienced 1 putting in a walker and the other no walker at all.... my daughter who didn't put in a walker walked at 9 months.my other daughter who was put in a walker walked at 13 months. babies tend to depend more on the walker so, the muscles will be more relaxed, thus will not try to walk on their own. hope it helped

Rosy Pang:
I started putting my child in an exersaucer when she was 4 months plus. Feel that this is a better option than walker as exersaucer has no wheels to move and she has a variety of toys to play with. If you wish to shop for one, please try it out with your baby. We tried one that has too small leg holes and had to get another. Hope this helps. :)

Julia Lim:
I think you holdin onto ur daughter's hands is the BEST walker there is.Start slow at 1st. I am confused as well coz I've read a lot of parenting articles and some say its ok and some are strongly against it. So in d end; I just borrowed from my sis in law(coz wasnt sure if my princess will like it)and never did use it..I just train her slowly my hands and chairs as support(pullin 4 of d chairs furthur once she can walk from one to another easily)helps to boost her confidence n strengthen her leg muscles!Gd luck!

Sioyan Ng: too young... not advice... even yes... also only for a while...

Shanti Jacqueline:
We were discouraged by our doctor so we never used one. Babies get more confidence when we hold them and guide them to walk.I also believe those walkers with wheels are hazadous.

Donnie Tian Shek Lee:
Why do you want to use it at all? It is better for a kid to learn to walk and move the natural way because it allows their muscles and senses to develop properly based on the right feedback. Allow to them explore and learn naturally. If you are to help a butterfly get out of a cocoon, do you know that it will never be able to fly and will actually die.

Christine Lee:
First of all, it's too early to train baby to sit at 4 months. You should do it when he/she is around 6 months old. By the way, you don't have to let your baby use walker. Doing so would not help him to walk faster but delay it. I never used one for my baby and he started walked when he was 10 months old.

Joanne Lim:
according to ministry of health i think... most toddler's accident got to do with the walker.. so plse think twice of putting your baby in.

Kelly Kc:
Not a good idea because 4 months old baby's neck is still not strong enough. Room for broken bones if you place a baby this young in a walker.

Asma Em En: i heard that the walker is not good for baby.

Tuty Jek: I never use walker for my kids. Less worry.
Angie Oi: Pd says it is no good for spine n it is baned in usa

Ken Lee: My son never uses the walker, now his legs are strong and straight. I heard that when kids uses walker, their legs grow a bit crook.
Marian Clark: I never used a walker and my son started walking on his own at 10 months. crawling is good for building confidence and co-ordination
Joanne Khoh: agree wif marian clark.
Christine Lee: Your baby does not need one! Many studies recommend against using walkers not only because they can discourage your child from learning to walk on his own, but also because they can be dangerous. Similar to Marian, I never used one for my son and he started walking when he was 10 months old, and his muscle is very, very strong.
Amit Puri: it develops a gap between the legs... say no to walkers.
Chong Leng Li: My mum used walker for me & siblings, I think all of us are healthy & walking fine. My son used it for a few months before he started walking when he was 11 - 12 mths. His legs are straight and he runs and jumps and falls as any kids. I don't force him to use it, if he don't want, he will just hang onto my arms when I tried to lower him into it. I think the kiddos love being mobile themselves, zipping about the house. When it is time for them to walk, they will.
Nanthini Kanaswaran Yeary: No to walkers. When the baby crawls it develops his/her muscles. Let him/her walk on their own pace. Dont rush. Besides, its a big hazard if his/her leg gets caught.

Jacqueline Lee: I think is fine... My gal start using walker when she's about 6+month, started to crawl at about 9+ months, walk at 12months

But when she doesn't want it.. We'll not force her..

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