9-year-old girl dies after jealous stepmother has her gang-raped

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News of an Indian girl raped and murdered on her stepmother's orders is deeply disturbing. We hope that justice is swift, righteous and without mercy.

A disturbing and horrific piece of news has been reported. A nine-year-old Indian girl was raped and murdered. It was her jealous stepmother who ordered the gang rape of the child.

How could anyone be capable of such monstrosities?

Indian Girl Raped and Murdered

The incident happened in the Baramulla district of Indian-administered Kashmir. According to reports, the 36-year-old stepmother was jealous of the girl and her mother, her husband's second wife.

Apparently, her husband would spend more time with his second wife, and his daughter was her father's favourite.

On 24 August 2018, the stepmother took the girl to a forested area, where she ordered her 14-year-old son and his two teenage friends to rape her.

She then strangled the child, while her son hit her head with an axe.

A boy sprinkled vehicle battery acid on her body, and his friend gouged out her eyes. The child's body was then dumped in the bushes, and covered with pine twigs and branches.

On 4 September 2018, the decomposed body of the little girl was found hidden behind bushes.

Senior police officer Mir Imtiyaz Hussain told NDTV, "It was found that the stepmother had been nursing a grudge against the second wife of her husband, and her children.

"The woman conspired to kill her stepdaughter. She took her to the nearby jungle where she asked her 14-year-old son to rape the girl.

"The girl was gang-raped at the insistence of her stepmother and in her presence."

Police have now arrested six people in connection with this case, including the cruel stepmother. The teenage boys have also confessed to their crimes.

The abuse was brutal and sickening. We hope that justice is swift, righteous and without mercy.

This young girl did not deserve to die.

Source: NDTV, TOI


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